You are what you eat!

ow1Click here:

The above link will teach you about healthy vs. unhealthy eating.  It teaches people how to lose weight, gain energy, control Diabetes, and the latest food facts and terms like “GMOs” (genetically modified organisms), “Gluten Intolerance or sensitivities”, helping to maintain a healthy body and decreasing the risks of Diabetes, cancer, heart attack, stroke, and so many other health risks.

As  a Diabetic myself (Type II), I know for a fact that Diabetes can be 100% controlled by diet, without any medication or insulin shots, without giving up breads, pastas, desserts and the majority of foods we want and love.  The trick is just learning  how to substitute “HEALTHY” carbs instead of “UNHEALTHY” carbs.   For well over a decade my A1c test have been in the range of 5.6 to 5.9.


The human body’s DNA was never meant to digest the DNA of other species (flish, insects, bacteria, and other poisonous chemicals), but that is exactly what is happening when we eat Genetically Modified foods and the push by large corporations such as Monsanto and others who are fighting mandated labeling so we know what we are putting into our bodies.  There are many online Petitions, or you can write, call, or e-mail your local representatives to help fight the poisonous foods the vast majority of people are eating.  Millions of people from around the world have attended the “March Against Monsanto” events. Find  your local events and take to the streets to march, to volunteer to help make signs or give out flyers, and inform family and friends through your favorite media source to help put pressure on the government to MANDATE labeling. Your life and the life of the people you love and care about are at risk!

Know the Difference Between Organic and Natural

“Natural” or just “USDA” is not a guarantee.Always make sure your food products either say “USDA Organic” or “Non GMO Certified”. 


The Truth About Gluten by DBC’s Doctors

One of the best videos on the subject of “Gluten” and how it affects your health can be found at:

Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs)


Since the majority of the food we can now purchase are GMO foods (meats, dairy, vegetables, fruits, etc.) this is a vast subject to cover, so it is recommended that you watch the videos on the site listed above, or better yet, don’t just take my word for it, do your own research and you can find tons of information and videos on YouTube.  “GMOs” like “Gluten” is creating the majority of physical and high risk problems from cancer, to infertility, tumors, intestinal problems, wheat belly, neurological problems, and on and on.  The only way you can protect yourself is to do your homework and understand the “fact” vs. “fiction” that is being told to us for the profit of big corporations who are in bed with the government.  Multiple countries across the globe have banned GMO, some to the point of actually burning their farm lands to start growing natural food again.  Yes, it is more expensive to eat “Organic, non GMO” foods, but the question then becomes would you rather pay the price of illness, more doctor, hospital, and medical bills (or worse), or spend that money on buying healthy foods that can eliminate these costs while keeping  you and your family healthy?

Cornucopia Institute


The Cornucopia Institute is a fantastic site to keep updated on the progress (or lack thereof) when it comes to keeping our food healthy.  This is a wonderful source of information and a “get involved” site.

Click on:


3 Ways Monsanto Has Formed ‘Secret GMO Lobbies’ in US
Lobbying, falsified research, and more”

hand_shake_deal_business_735_350Some quotes from “Natural Society”.  Natural Society is a site that is packed full of information when it comes to the latest news about GMOs, healthy food, and what corporations and the government are doing (or not doing) about making changes and better choices.

“What benefits does one get from membership in this unofficial partnership? For starters, a monetary gift in the form of research money/grants, stock options, or just plain payoffs that can take many forms (lobbying, vacations, gifts, ‘revolving door’ positions, etc.). Like any affiliate program a company would offer, the rules are the same; members use their position in society to voice support for the products….

• First, judicial level members show support by ruling in favor of GMO companies, throwing out cases, and delaying or postponing hearings.
• Second, scientific level members show allegiance by falsifying research data sets, omitting statistically significant data, and prematurely terminating studies before health effects appear.
• Finally, legislative affiliate members provide cover by passing laws allowing for improper classification of GMO foods, committing possible voting fraud to dismiss labeling laws, corporate tax breaks, and protection for GMO companies that would otherwise quickly go bankrupt if made to follow strict environmental oversight.”

To read more about this article and so much more when it comes to our food:

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March is Nutrition Month

apple_nutritionGo Veggie is an information blog that takes into consideration your food allergies, promotes cheese products, has recipes, and local coupons for local stores.

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“The world’s platform for change
90,015,704 people taking action. Victories every day.”

You can make a difference by signing Petitions or even creating one of your own by joining “”.  Millions of people around the globe have chosen this format to make their voices heard.  There are many different categories of “causes” that you can join.

Click here:

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