Questions to ask yourself

tsI was reading my daily newsletter from the International Fellowship of Christian and Jews, and loved the following excerpts from it and decided I should share these questions and the quote.  I hope it will touch you and make yourself ask the same questions, as we humans have a tendency of looking outward more then we look inward.

“A question I often ask myself is: “Who would I be if no one was looking?” The reason this question is so important for us to ask once in a while is because it helps us to check how authentically we are living our lives. Would we say things we don’t say if we weren’t worried what others will think? Would we not say certain things if there was no one to please? Or even, do we do the good things we do because these acts impress others, or do we serve and contribute from a place of sincerity and integrity?”

“Too many people live their lives for other people and miss out on what God has truly put on their heart. I once read an anonymous quote that really drives home this point: “Work for a cause, not for applause. Live life to express, not to impress. Don’t strive to make your presence noticed, just make your absence felt.” Let us all live lives of meaningful contribution, even if not a single person notices – God notices.”

Hillary Clinton Pushes Abortion in First Speech as Candidate: Too Many Women “Denied” Abortions

hillary-clinton-official-photoClick on link below to see the entire article written by Life News.  “Clinton said “deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed” for the sake of giving “access” to women for “reproductive health care.” The comment was a shot across the bow at pro-life advocates and countries with pro-life laws.”

If you are not familiar with the “Margaret Sanger Award”, after reading this article, please refer to the Margaret Sanger page (sub link under Upper Downriver Right to Life tab) to understand her full agenda (the Award Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi both won).

Hillary Clinton Pushes Abortion in First Speech as Candidate: Too Many Women “Denied” Abortions.

Students For Life Wanting and Needing Support and Prayers

1) Say a prayer for Katie and Brigid in Fargo. While their school district has now said they will allow them to start their Students for Life groups and abide by the law, we are experiencing delays and still aren’t sure if they are going to live up to their promise.

2) Say a prayer for Isabell at Hampton-Dumont High School in Iowa who has been denied the right to start her Students for Life group for the past 2 years! Last week, SFLA took her story public and we are waiting on the school to respond.

3) Say a prayer for our Students for Life groups at Clarion University (PA) and The College of New Jersey who have both experienced vandalism of their peaceful pro-life cross displays. 

4) Say a prayer for our University of Southern California Students for Life group who had their administration unfairly tear down their pro-life banners, after they were approved.

5) Say a prayer for Andrew, the president of the Students for Life group at Johns Hopkins University (MD) who will be on Fox News tomorrow morning talking about the never-ending discrimination that his Students for Life group and other conservatives face at JHU.

6) Say a prayer for a young couple in South Dakota who saw the pro-life sidewalk chalking of our Students for LIfe group and have chosen life despite some difficult circumstances!

7) Say a prayer for Lisa, one of our Regional Coordinators, who is planning our next steps to protest the awful late-term abortion experiments that the University of Hawaii are participating in.

8) And finally, say a prayer for the SFLA Team. For our safety as we travel this weekend and in the weeks to come and for the launch of a brand-new, game-changing initiative that will be announced next week!

Thank you for all of your prayers and support! You will never know just how much it means to our entire team and what you are doing for this pro-life generation!”

Please take a few moments to let these young people and future leaders, know that you stand behind them.  In addition to saying prayers for them, send them a tweet or comment.  Sometimes just the smallest of actions can mean the world to someone who is working so hard on their “cause”.

A War on Maternity Waged in the Name of Mother Earth


Babies are not pollution and need not be polluters

Written by:  Steven W. Mosher and Anne Morse

I often come across persons who attempt to justify forced abortion, sterilization, and contraception because “We (that is, human beings) are destroying the planet”. They view people as pollution, and argue that it is necessary to violate reproductive rights to protect the planet from the beings who are despoiling it. Yet that logic is intrinsically flawed.

Let us put it this way. Which of these do not belong: nitrous oxide, methane, Homo sapiens, or carbon dioxide?

The obvious answer is: “Homo sapiens.”

Pregnant women do not produce nitrous oxide. Childbirth does not generate methane. A newborn baby does breathe out carbon dioxide, but this is not a “pollutant” at all but a trace gas on which most life depends.

Yes, any given infant may grow up to be a notorious polluter, just as he may grow up to, say, recklessly endanger the lives of others by driving drunk. But such behaviors are not foregone conclusions. Unlike nitrous oxide, methane, or carbon dioxide, human beings have free will.

It is simply not true that more people equals more pollution. We have twice as many people living in the United States as we did in the early seventies, yet the skies over our major cities are clearer now than they were a half century ago. This is because the internal combustion engines that power our motor vehicles are no longer spewing out thousands of tons of particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, and other pollutants into the atmosphere as we drive. And this in turn is because we made a conscious decision to switch to cleaner burning fuels and install catalytic converters downstream from our engines.

As this example suggests, pollution is created by particular human behaviors such as the incomplete combustion of fossil fuels or the indiscriminate spraying of harmful pesticides. It can be corrected by altering that same behavior. Reducing the number of babies born will not solve these and other environmental problems.

No one would suggest that every baby born into a tech-savvy household will indubitably mature into a cyber-terrorist. Yet there are those who seem to believe that every baby human born will mature into a waste-creating, polar-bear-murdering, earth-destroying eco-terrorist. This is completely unreasonable. To be sure, some infants will grow up to secretly dump raw sewage into fragile estuaries, but many others will start compost piles and grow their own vegetables in backyard gardens.

No one can guarantee that any given infant will grow up to be a good conservationist, any more than any one can guarantee that any given infant will grow up into a happy well-adjusted adult. Everyone, as we noted above, enjoys free will.

But it is true that—thanks to technological advances, reasonable environmental regulations, and education that emphasizes good stewardship—we have made great strides in recent decades. Very large populations can actually have a much smaller environmental footprint than a much smaller population did a century or two ago. Population control has no part to play in these successes.

Sadly, not everyone has gotten this message. The anti-people argumentation continues to insist that babies equal pollution. The population control movement continues to receive billions of dollars in funding each year. Women’s fertility continues to be attacked in the name of the environment and “sustainable development.”

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) continues to cheerlead China’s one-child policy, ignoring the forced abortions and forced sterilizations that follow. The UNFPA continues to distribute 40 million doses of Depo-provera each year to unsuspecting women—despite the fact that this product is so unsafe that the FDA recommends against its use.

India still sterilizes over 4 million women annually under a system of statewide sterilization targets, ignoring the rising death toll of women who have died in such campaigns. And the developed nations—chief among them the United States—still continue to fund these programs in the name of achieving a mythical “sustainable population,” all the while ignoring the massive human rights abuses that they entail.

We agree that pollution sometimes constitutes an offense against other human beings. Those who wantonly and grossly pollute the water we drink and the air that we breathe endanger the rest of us, both those who are alive now and those who will come later.

But we also insist that forced abortion, forced sterilization, and forced contraception always constitute a grave violation of human rights. These actions are never justified, least of all by irrationally claiming that they are necessary to “protect the environment.”

We look forward to a future where our children and grandchildren enjoy a planet with clean air, clean water, and luxuriant greenery. We have already, in the U.S. and elsewhere, made great strides towards the realization of this future.
But we also hope and pray that our children and grandchildren grow up in a world without population control. We are working towards the day when they are valued for themselves, and are not seen by many in the environmental movement as a threat to their dream of a world without people.

After all, as Shakespeare remarked, “The world must be peopled.”

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How High Schools Discriminate Against Students for Life Clubs


Whenever I think of young people speaking up for what they believe, it is a real inspiration and their voices need to be heard.  From high schools to college campuses, there is a fight going on, and these young people are growing in numbers and spreading their message across the country – we need to support them if not by donations (which is always good), but at least by a quick tweet or a reply on their blog to let them know we are championing their “cause”.

Principal Steve Madson of Hampton-Dumont High School received a demand letter from the law firm for Students for Life of America, charging that the Principal  has unconstitutionally discriminated against Isabell Akers by denying her the right to form a Students for Life club at the school.  After a long battle the Principal claimed that the Students for Life club is too “controversial”, forbidding the students from putting up posters or being included in the yearbook with other clubs by using the justification that the club doesn’t tie in with the school’s curriculum, but neither do most of the school’s other clubs at the school.  This denial by the administrators constitutes a violation of the students’ rights under both the Federal Equal Access Act and the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Isabell stated “I wanted to spend my high school career educating my fellow students on the beauty of human life and providing resources to girls at my school, but instead I have been fighting for my First Amendment rights”.

Another voice to be reckoned with is Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America.  “On the contrary, high school students have the right to form Students for Life clubs to educate and inform their peers on the tragedy of abortion and to help those facing unplanned, crisis pregnancies….”

Hampton-Dumont High School is not the only school that is discriminating against the freedom of our young people.  Fargo North High School is another one.  To read the complete story about both high schools, please click on:

If you know of a high school or college that wants to initiate a Students for Life Club, the link above will make it possible to have these students help in anyway they can by providing guidance and the necessary tools to start a local club for you.

The Upper Downriver Right to Life Group supports the Students for Life – will you?

Why Are Churches Working With Planned Parenthood?

presbyterianchurchusa3Let me start out by saying I am not one to bash any church or denomination as that is not who or how I am or what I believe in, but I’m hoping someone can share some light on what in the heck is going on in this country.

I was reading in Life News that a Presbyterian Church in Louisiana hosted a rally to celebrate Planned Parenthood’s Abortion Business last month.

“Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast organized the “Stand with Women” rally in support of a new abortion facility in the Crescent City. The rally took place at the First Presbyterian Church of New Orleans affiliated with the PC(USA). Rev. Fred J. Powell, III is the church pastor who allowed Planned Parenthood to “present a minute for mission” to the church congregation and introduced the abortion clinic chain…”

I watched in disbelief as I saw the women of this church ‘STANDING WITH ABORTIONISTS” – what happened with “STANDING WITH GOD”, the sanctity of life, the unborn child, the women who do not understand the physical, emotional, and psychological affects of abortion, and the help that is out there?

If that wasn’t bad enough, here is another one:  “Episcopal Church Hosting Planned Parenthood Event to Celebrate 42 Years of Abortion”  This time it was a fundraiser put on by Planned Parenthood – 2015 Wichita Chili for Choice – held at St. James Episcopal Church.


Can these ministers and congregations not see the truth?  Can they be so gullible to believe that Pro-choice is murder in the eyes of the Creator of life?  Do they not see the REAL agenda of this organization or know the background of Margaret Sanger, or do they think “Margaret Sanger is the past and the agenda is not the same?”  My naivety would probably choose the latter, but if that statement were true, then why did Hillary Clinton (in 2009) and Nancy Pelosi (in 2014) win the “Margaret Sanger Award”, and why did they praise Margaret Sanger’s work?

I hope others like me will contact both churches and tell them what they are doing is not giving service to their congregation – but a DIS-SERVICE.

ACTION: Contact St. James Episcopal Church to complain at:
3750 E Douglas
Wichita, KS 67208