“Unplanned” – A New Pro-Life Movie Coming Out in March

See the trailer of “Unplanned”

The “My Pillow” man, Mike Lindell (Inventor and CEO of My Pillow, Inc., founder of the Lindell Foundation and the Lindell Recovery Network) has given  one million dollars to help produce a new Pro-Life film, which will be at theaters in March.  In the film, Mike makes a cameo appearance as  running a bulldozer over a Planned Parenthood facility in order to build the Pro-Life Headquarters for 40 Days for Life. The movie has been kept secret until recently because of its opposition to Planned Parenthood.


The movie is based on the book written by Abby Johnson, an anti-abortion activist who previously worked at Planned Parenthood as a clinic director for eight years.   Abby resigned from her job after watching an abortion on an ultrasound in October 2009, and has been a strong activist for Pro-Life ever since. 


Abby Johnson

The Horrible Truth Behind Southwestern Women’s Options

Every once in awhile we run across a stranger who touches and teaches us at the same time.  My latest heroine is Felicia, who at 37 weeks pregnant went into the Southwestern Women’s Option facility (abortion mill) in Albuquerque, New Mexico to do an undercover video of her experience (similar to that of David Daleiden), already knowing that this facility does late term abortions up to the time a natural birth would have happen on its own.  Felicia is still very actively involved in her goal towards an Abortion Free New Mexico and her fight for Pro-Life.  An actual abortion date was set for a 38 week abortion to prove that the abortion mill would have proceeded, but Felicia gave birth two days after the initial interview.

“Yes, I went undercover when I was 37 weeks pregnant. They were willing to abort at 38 weeks for $17,000.00 , and if my baby was born alive, they said they would “euthanize” him. And…medicaid would pay for it full price. They call it “Emergency Pregnancy Medicaid”.

Felicia and Jonah

Felicia and her healthy son Jonah

Like so many in the pro-life community, most of us heard about Southwestern Women’s Options and Fr. Pavone and Priest for Life’s fantastic work.  Some of us even wrote posts on Facebook or blogged about what is really going on in New Mexico, at least with the information we knew at the time.  Felicia took me on her journey down the rabbit hole and into the horrific practices going on at this facility and the arrangements they have with other organizations in the area, such as University of New Mexico, and others .  Although we always knew that Medicaid used taxpayer money on abortions, what I did not know is that there is what is called a “Temporary Emergency Pregnancy Medicaid” program provided, that not only pays for abortions on everyone who wants one, including minors without parental approval or turning in what one would consider child rape, but is also available for people from any nation, illegal or not.  Come from Russia or Europe or anywhere else and want an abortion – NO PROBLEM, they will gladly kill your child and get Temporary Emergency Medicaid for you!

“The price tag of a late term abortion at Southwestern Women’s Options is a staggering $17,000, but in a SHOCKING revelation, SWO employee Susana Estorga, states that for $5,000 they would be willing to offer the fetal injection ALONE and then send the woman away to deliver the baby 2-3 days later elsewhere.”

Video from Live  Action if you are alone when you deliver the baby. Needless to say listening to the description of what to do if the woman starts delivering at home by herself, “she should just sit and let it fall into the toilet until an emergency person can get to them”, is shuttering and painful to listen to.

To learn more about the New Mexico Abortion Cartel, including in depth information and videos, please click on this link:


For further information, documentation, and videos concerning lawsuits, botched abortions, etc., please click on this link:


If you would like to keep up with the latest updates on Abortion Free New Mexico, please click on this link:








New Movie Will Praise Racist Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger as an “Icon and Hero”


Control, not choice, was Sanger’s key word when it came to matters of reproduction, said Angela Franks, Ph.D., an expert on Sanger who has written several books about her life. Franks said Sanger believed that some of the “unfit” should be forced to not reproduce.”

More and more examples of Sanger’s goals outside of exterminating the Black community, birth control, forced sterilization, population control, medical experiments on people, and the push for euthanasia for such reasons as depression, Aspergers, Down Syndrome, and other handicaps is just a short outline of what this alleged “ICON” and “HERO” stood for.  So many of the reasons given for euthanasia now-a-days are medical problems that can be easily treated with medication and/or therapy.

To read more about this issue and the movie that is coming out, please click on the link below:


“Surveys taken in the United States indicate that an estimated 46% of physicians agree that voluntary euthanasia should be allowed for certain situations, with 41% disagreeing altogether and 14% believe it to be circumstantial. “


Below are the “TOP” ten reasons for euthanasia, from those people who think this way, realizing to them these are “Human Rights”.



1. The Hippocratic oath supports euthanasia.
2. Euthanasia saves lives.
3. Euthanasia does not shorten lifespans by as much as is portrayed.
4. Everyone has a right to a good death, therefore a good death must not be denied to those who want one.
5. Euthanasia is properly regulated.
6. Euthanasia does not harm to others.
7. Euthanasia protects self-hood and human dignity.
8. Euthanasia is not immoral.
9. People have the explicit right to choose.
10. People have the right to die.


Sanctity of Life Sunday – January 20, 2019


Please join us at one or all of the following events.  We will commemorate the anniversary of the Supreme Court decision of Roe v. Wade that legalized abortion in the entire U.S. for all nine months of pregnancy.  We pray that that decision will be overturned and that life will be respected and protected from conception to natural death.

  • 12 Noon Mass – intention To End Abortion – at Our Lady of the Scapular, Tenth Street and Superior Blvd., Wyandotte
  • 1:15 pm – Rosary Procession from Our Lady of the Scapular to Mt. Carmel Cemetery (Northline and Ninth Street, Wyandotte)
  • 1:45 pm – Prayer Service at indoor chapel, Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Wyandotte
  • 2:30 – 3:30 pm OPEN HOUSE – Right to Life of Michigan Resource Center, 2010 Eureka, Wyandotte; 734-282-6100
  • Light Luminary Candles outdoors on the evening of January 21 to remember the victims of abortion.  Luminary Candles are available at the Right to Life of Michigan Resource Center.

The Truth About Abortion and Euthanasia


Don’t doubt for a moment that abortion and euthanasia aren’t part of a bigger story. The name of the story is “POPULATION CONTROL”, but the real question might be, is there a bigger reason behind that story?

HBO personality Bill Maher: “I’m pro-choice, I’m for assisted suicide, I’m for regular suicide, I’m for whatever gets the freeway moving – that’s what I’m for. It’s too crowded, the planet is too crowded and we need to promote death.” 

CNN Founder Ted Turner: “A total world population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.”
“Dialogue that was begun in Cairo among representatives from among one hundred and eighty (180) nations came to a consensus for the first time: that women’s reproductive health and empowerment are critical to a nation’s sustainability and growth. The world agreed — for the first time — that smaller families and slower population growth are created by choice and opportunity, not control or coercion. And the world agreed that respect for women’s rights must be a part of our efforts to improve the quality of life for all the planet’s citizens.

From the Address by Hillary Rodham Clinton to the Cario Plus Five Forum in 1999, “I also see progress in my own country. With new funding increases, our government has made family planning and reproductive care services available to more women and families nationwide.”


(Excerpt from the William Clinton Library)

“Possibly one of the most heinous of Bill Clinton’s foreign policies dealt with population control.

World Population Organizations were requiring that Third World countries accept their population control agenda in order to qualify for financial assistance. The United Nations, International Planned Parenthood Federation, World Health Organization, U.S. Aid, World Bank, and other population control groups used hundreds of millions of U.S. tax dollars to kill babies around the world in the effort of controlling the population and to advance the depopulation agenda of The Club of Rome.

They have stated the priorities of their common agenda:

  • Generalize worldwide sex education among youth.
  • World wide legalization of abortion.
  • World legalization of sterilization.”

To see the names of some of the elite involved, and the truth behind abortion and euthenics, read the following sources, and you will be more than surprised because population control may have more to it than controlling the population!

Real Spiritual Aspects Surrounding Abortion


Written and submitted by Anna Marie Danyko from Upper Downriver Right to Life:


I NEED to share with you some SPIRITUAL INSPIRATION God has placed in my mind as well as on my heart.

PLEASE READ AND SHARE THE ATTACHED as God places on your heart!

The following is true. There is no deception intended. Inspiration began to flow the same morning I picked up my pen. I wrote until it was finished. All inspiration, insight, and wording, I believe, came directly from God. It was given for a reason, which I believe will be apparent to the reader. I expect God intends to use this writing to advance His message regarding spiritual truths/dangers surrounding abortion.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

The Real Spiritual Aspects Surrounding Abortion
Written, November 2, 2018

Yesterday, I was gifted to see the movie, “Gosnell.” The movie focuses on the trial surrounding Dr. Kermit Gosnell. To date, he is the most notorious mass murderer in the United States. He is responsible for the killing of many late term aborted babies who were born alive. He was convicted on many different counts. I remember reading the screen at the end of the movie where it stated that in return for him not appealing his case, the prosecutor would not seek the death penalty. There is no chance for parole.

Only God truly knows just how many born alive infants he is directly responsible for killing. He would take scissors and “snip” the backs of the necks of these infants to ensure their quick demise. Also, in the movie, there is a scene where another abortion doctor takes the stand as a professional medical witness and explains what the procedure would be if a child were to be born alive during an abortion in her clinic. The stark truth falls out of her mouth when she explains that the child would then be abandoned medically and left alone until it died.

There is no mistaking the facts that abortion kills human beings. In the past, our laws used to protect the unborn from being murdered in their mother’s womb. Abortion legalizes the mass murder of millions of human beings.

If there was no God, the killing of unborn babies would still be murder. But God exists. He is the reason humanity continues to exist. He wishes the continuance of the human race. Without His blessing, man would become extinct. With that said, legalized abortion encourages abortionists to become federally sanctioned mass murders. Even with poor record keeping, we know that at least 60 million American babies have been killed by abortion since the passage of Roe Vs. Wade in 1973.

How many more murders must take place before all humanity realizes that life is a gift from God and man is not allowed to refuse this gift. Nor is it to be taken lightly. Or that the Creator God should be ignored. Yes, you can—but no you should not—tell God He is wrong. There is another who told God that he would not serve. Look what happened to that being, as God will not be mocked.

The consequence of legalizing abortion murders are many on a country. Here, I would like to focus on the spiritual reality for abortionists because they are directly responsible for the murders. It is their hands that directly destroy human life. As doctors in the medical profession, they have a choice to bless mankind with the services they offer humanity. No one forces upon them the choice they make to destroy human life for their living. You will NOT be blessed by God if this is your choice in the manner of your livelihood.

Misdirected mankind “blesses” abortion doctors with financial gains. God will NEVER do the same. Instead, God allows this to take place. Why? In the many steps it will take for abortionists to turn from their actions, the financial aspect is one of the most misleading signposts on the road to spiritual destruction. Doctors who keep choosing wrong will find themselves responsible for the murder of thousands of human beings.

Whether you know it or NOT—whether you believe it or not—there IS a spiritual judgment you will bring upon yourself for each life you destroy. It CANNOT be otherwise because GOD IS THE CREATOR AND AUTHOR OF LIFE. Abortion murder afflicts and incenses the Divine Heart of the Creator God directly!!!

Kermit Gosnell is “lucky.” His days of being able to murder are over. He will not incur further judgment against himself for additional murder in all ways—spiritually, physically, and legally in man’s court. Man has given a final sentence, but God in His Mercy and Love for All Men has not yet passed His final judgment against Kermit Gosnell. Through suffering, sacrifices, life offerings, and prayer, this man has reaped the benefits of many. Through the grace of God, he has come across one of the greatest blessings of his entire life—the inability to continue to his certain spiritual demise. In his continued spiritual blindness, he cannot understand or appreciate his present circumstance. While there is still time before a final judgment for or against this man, there are many more human offerings of suffering, sacrifices, penances, and prayers needed, (required), to turn this man from his ways and enable God to heal his heart. Because of Gosnell’s extreme spiritual indebtedness, his spiritual ransom is high.


Seeing the movie last night was the “stirring” I needed in my own spiritual life to help keep the abortion issue in the forefront of my own life. I woke up this morning with the desire to record a dream I’ve had in the past that I can’t remember recording previously. Maybe I have, but I know for certain it is time to do it now.

Unfortunately, I do not remember the beginning of the dream any longer or know for sure if there was one. In this dream, I remember being taken “somewhat” captive. I was being spiritually “pushed” or escorted by something. I was placed in my dream in an environment of thick cement walls and flooring. In my hurry to “move on” or “get away,” this cemented area eventually became an entrapment. It seemed to me that the thickness of the cement increased as I moved along. The height of the space I moved along decreased as I was being made to move forward. I began to feel claustrophobic. Then very claustrophobic! At the time, I did NOT know I was being led to a tortuous end. The ever increasing mass of heavy cement coupled with decreased height and width of the space allowed for movement turned out to be something right out of the “Twilight Zone.” There was restriction in movement. Movement became so decreased that I eventually came to a very small opening in the cement. I remember looking at it and wondering if or hoping I could get out that way. I remember thinking:

  • I might be able to get my head out of the opening.
  • Then realizing that the opening was solid cement and I could NOT get through it.  At one point, the opening was about 7” x 5.” 
  • The idea came that I might try pushing myself through the cement opening but that that might be painful and bloody in my quest to that end.
  • Me—trying to fit my entire being through an impossible pass!

Somehow I ended up encased/entrapped in the cement, allowing for no movement whatsoever. The realization of the entrapment with no possibility for movement was so torturous! The sense of claustrophobia became so intense. There was no movement. There was no escaping this entrapment. There was no thought or possibility of going backward and retracing my steps. Even the ability to breathe became torturous. I finally ended up entrapped at the opening in the cement. My head was forcibly placed against it. It was now only inches wide. I could not move through.

My attention was directed to the opening. There was a presence on the other side of this opening. Somehow, I knew not to trust it. I felt that my present predicament might be dangerous. Anything could be placed through the opening and inserted into the top of my head.

THIS WAS WHERE/WHEN “IT HIT ME.” THIS WAS WHEN THE REALIZATION OF THE DREAM HIT ME. I WAS BEING SHOWN THE TORTURE THAT THE ABORTIONIST TILLER WENT THROUGH IMMEDIATELY UPON HIS DEMISE. Even though he himself was murdered, this—what was being shown to me—was the result of all of his acts of abortion during his entire life. I was made to understand and feel some of the same emotions he went through as it happened to him. His punishment, ultimately, was the same as he inflicted upon his victims. His will be the true consequences of abortion for an eternity—ETERNAL DAMNATION. I felt some of his torture. At the time of my dream, which took place near the time of his murder, I had the realization that he was suffering in the same predicament. I felt the horror associated with what might be placed through the opening to “induce” additional tortures for him. Only then near the end of the dream, (near awakening), did I begin to see the similarities between his eternal punishment and an abortion.

Only today, while writing this down, was it “given to me” that here is really what an unborn child goes through during an abortion—thoughts, feeling, sensing, emotions of an unborn human being.

During his life on earth, Tiller’s immense spiritual blockage would not allow him to empathize with the tiny lives he continued to destroy. It is also important to note that Tiller was infamously known—and rightfully so—as a late-term abortionist. He concentrated his killing on human beings that for the most part were viable outside the womb—well formed, well developed babies.

During the dream, I was made to go through some of the very same tortures he went through after his death. After the dream, (upon awakening), it kept going through my mind that I escaped this dream of eternal punishment, but that Tiller did not. Though it wasn’t shown or explained to me, I kept being reminded about the future torture to his head he would be made to endure through the opening in the cement. The realization of my freedom and his eternal entrapment and continual tortures took me some time in order to overcome. Today, as I write this, I am alive and still gratefully able to enjoy the life God has so generously blessed me with. Not so for Tiller. I can’t imagine–or should I say–it is difficult to wrap my mind around the thought of being stuck in that reality of horror even for a day. But what about an entire week, month, years, with no let up. Can you!? DAMNATION IS FOREVER. It does not let up. It never ends.

A few more thoughts:

  • Since Almighty God is in charge, the pro-life movement is not going away. Abortion is going away.
  • Life is always a gift from God—NO exceptions and NO excuses!
  • ABORTION IS MURDER of the tiniest, humble, defenseless, most vulnerable life. MAKE NO MISTAKE: God stands on the side of the unborn.
  • As explained previously, there is a spiritual ransom required to receive graces that help to enable possible conversion. (And here I am not denying the unfathomable sacrifice of God’s Son, Jesus, on Calvary for all men so that all men could possibly enjoy an eternity with God. This crucifixion was evidence of God’s deep desire for and love of mankind.)

God never wants the spiritual demise of anyone. The understanding I  received in regard to the spiritual determination of Tiller followed the same premise.

People had been praying for Tiller for years. Many pro-life individuals had been praying for, sacrificing, and witnessing to him and his patients also for years. Since God knows all and sees all—past, present, and future—God’s timing is always impeccable, as His judgments.

At the proper time, JESUS STEPPED BACKWARD. By doing that, he removed His protection for the soul. God knew the evil that was implanted in both the hearts and minds of Tiller and his murderer. Only God can weigh all events, circumstances, etc., properly. The heart of Jesus knew exactly what was going to happen when He removed His protection from Tiller.

  • For All Those who have been of the age of reason and responsibility living on earth during the time of legalized abortion here in the United States, God will hold you responsible for what you did or did not do in order to stop the practice and save lives. No one will escape that judgement. Needless to say, grave will be the consequences for those who sought the destruction of the unborn or did nothing to impede the practice.