Helping Pro-Life Internationally

Everyday we hear about Iranian and other Arab Christians being slaughtered or imprisoned in the middle east.  God’s work does not just stop in the United States but is worldwide, and whenever possible, we need to help them too, even if it is just to say a prayer, or to send them a card or letter.

The video you will see below was produced by an Iranian Christian organization called “Elam”, and the author of the film is  a female Iranian Christian, Dr. Mojdeh Shirvanian.  Since 1990 this organization and Dr. Shirvanian have been trying to stop the brutal abuse, murder and/or imprisonment of their people (along with several other groups), with an emphasis on educating the people about abortion.  According to Dr. Shirvanian, the majority of women are not educated and are told that an abortion is just a surgery that she needs, not even knowing they are pregnant.

Interview With An Unborn Child

“Christians imprisoned for their faith regularly report that the most encouraging thing for them whilst in prison was the knowledge that they were not forgotten: they gained great strength from knowing that their global family was aware of their suffering and interceding for them before the Father.”

Statement from a Christian prisoner who did nothing wrong but practice his Christian faith.  “I sense the fragrance of your prayers as a cool breeze on my heart that together with your fatherly love strengthens me from afar.” Farshid Fathi

If you would like to write a letter or send a card of encouragement to an Iranian Christian, please follow the following rules:

Writing Guidelines

• Encourage him/her in his/her difficulties
• Share scripture
• Write in your native language, but feel free to write a verse in Persian with help from the internet if you so wish
• Do not mention Elam Ministries or Dr. Shirvanian, for obvious reasons
• Do not make any political comments or criticism of the Iranian government or against Islam

Send your letters/cards to:  Elam Ministries, 5755 North Point Parkway, Suite 217, Alpharetta, GA30022, United States.

A copy of your letter will be kept on file for the individuals and their families, just in case the original letters are confiscated by the prison authorities.  (NOTE:  If you are not comfortable sending your name and/or address, just sign it as “An American Friend”).

Thank you for taking the time to send encouragement to those who really need to know that they are not forgotten.

If you would like other countries included

Just send me a comment at the bottom of this or the “blog” page and I will try to find out who  to contact so you can send your words of encouragement.

2 thoughts on “Helping Pro-Life Internationally

  1. I have been fascinated with African culture for as long as I can remember, and I was hoping you might know how to do this letter writing thing for the African people as well. Thanks for your post; it inspired me as I am trying to become a better pen pal.


    1. Just go to and in the search box, type in Africa and it will bring you to all the work that is being done there, along with Petitions and letters to be sent to the governments and other groups that can help. This organization does a lot of good and it DOES make a difference when people send the Petitions and letters. I’ve seen Survival International’s work set people free and to stop governments, miners, loggers, and big corporations stop the abuse. Good luck and I hope you find some good African causes to work with.


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