VIANNEY – Meet the Saint who fought the Devil

Monday, October 5 – 7:00 PM

Trenton Village Theater, 2447 West Jefferson, Trenton, MI 48193

A powerful live production that will inspire vocations!

Admission:  $12 each – $35 families of 3 or  more – $9 each for groups of 10 or more.  Suitable for ages 9 and up.

Tickets & Information:

Call (735) 288-7380 or e-mail:


“I don’t think our community will ever be quite the same again.  After all, we have been visited by a saint.” – Andrew, Ontario

“Defilippis has so embodied the spirit of the saint that the audience soon forgets they are watching a performance.” – Michael O’Brien, Author and Artist

“Vianney is an extraordinary work of art.  Anyone who sees it will be inspired to start praying, or to pray more fervently, for priests and seminarians.” – Michael J. Miller, Journalist