Pope Francis Has Approved the Beatification of Detroit Capuchin Friar Fr. Solanus Casey


At a news conference on May 4, 2017, Archbishop Allen H. Vigneron announced the news that Pope Francis has approved the beatification of Detroit Capuchin Friar, Fr. Solanus Casey, and will be named “blessed”, and has met the requirements sixty years after his death.  Father Casey was the second U.S. born man to achieve such designation, and the first person from Michigan.

Father Solanus Casey’s body was exhumed yesterday, minus the news media.  The casket was in worse shape than his body.  The casket was replaced and his relics were sent to Rome.

It looks as if all 60,000 seats at Ford Field will be needed.  Information about the tickets for his beatification are at:  http://www.themichigancatholic.org/2017/06/fr-solanus-casey-beatified-nov-18-ford-field/.  Tickets can be ordered after August 15.  To receive ceremony details, fill out the form at:  http://solanuscenter.us5.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=03e49d3e6a8b72dec8c041dd9&id=6ac27dda7d


VIANNEY – Meet the Saint who fought the Devil

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“I don’t think our community will ever be quite the same again.  After all, we have been visited by a saint.” – Andrew, Ontario

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“Vianney is an extraordinary work of art.  Anyone who sees it will be inspired to start praying, or to pray more fervently, for priests and seminarians.” – Michael J. Miller, Journalist