Upcoming Guadalupe Workers Monthly Meeting with the Girls that Chose Life!

St. Leo Roman Catholic Church - Detroit

St. Leo Roman Catholic Church

Dear Friends,

I am hoping that you all would be willing and able to help us in our next Speaker Event at St. Leo’s.  It will take place on Saturday May 21st, at 1:00 pm, at 4860 15th St., Detroit, MI
(313) 894-0357.

Our Speaker is Sr. Anne Shields and I hope we can get as many mothers as possible to come. It would be so great for them, and along with a speaker, we give the girls baby supplies and food.  It is a fun filled day for the mother’s and their babies and gives us the opportunity to see how they’re doing. Sr. Ann Shields is on radio daily.

If you are currently in contact with a mother, please invite them. Tell them that this is a great speaker. Let me know if they are coming, and please let me know if you can help us that day. You can contact us at:  http://www.guadalupeworkers.org.

Below is a video of Sister Anne Shields:

If you would like to listen to daily podcasts of Sr. Anne Shields, please go to the following link, where you will find an archive of each program. http://www.renewalministries.net/?module=Events&class=Media&event=Show&mediaID=4




May 13th picket of Planned Parenthood– !!

Dear Defenders of Life–  Make plans to participate in the NEXT demonstration in protest of Planned Parenthood–  as this pro-death organization celebrates 100 years of lies and death during their May 13th GALA event.


The Pro-Life demonstration–sponsored by Citizens for a Pro-Life Society and Pro-Life Detroit begins at 5:30 SHARP and will go until 7 PM  —   Friday,May 13th.    Please arrive before 5:30 so we can all be in place by then!

Gather at  Jefferson Avenue and  Renaissance Dr W, Detroit, MI 48243   Just down the block from the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center.  Here is the Google Maps Link:


 Please be a part of this–  we need people to be OUT THERE !!    




An Open Letter To Pro-Lifers

Please Let Me Live – Ruby McCray – Abortion – Lyrics – Video

From John Pisciotta
Director of Pro-Life Waco

I would love for you to listen to a life-saving song written (30+ years ago) and performed by Ruby McCray. The title is “Please Let Me Live.” Ruby McCray is my dear friend, a Waco-area pro-life foot soldier, a teacher of Spanish and music, an Evangelist, a preacher of the Word of God, and more.

Some of you know that I’ve been one of the voices who’s been speaking out for the unborn babies for many years. There’s the belief that the woman has the right to make choices concerning her own body—speaking from the laws of man and not considering the laws of the Creator… 

The song was written in 1985, recorded, was sung on radio, TV, many churches and Pro-Life venues. Parents have presented children to me saying that they heard the song and couldn’t go on with the abortion. Praise The KING!!! 

Ruby McCray 

P.S. No matter how badly one wants or doesn’t want a baby, The CREATOR of all life is the only ONE who can open and close the womb (Genesis 29:31-35; 30:1, 2).

Steve Karlen to Speak at 40 Days For Life Ann Arbor Midpoint Rally, Saturday, February 27th at 3:00 pm!



STEVE KARLEN, Director of North American Outreach, for 40 Days for Life will be flying in from Wisconsin, to speak at our Midpoint Rally, on Saturday, February 27, at 3 pm outside of Planned Parenthood, 3100 Professional Drive in Ann Arbor.

Please join us and hear his inspiring message! Steve has always been pro-life, but, like many people, he never really did anything about it. All of that changed when his wife found out that a friend was pregnant and planning to have an abortion. Steve and his wife rushed to her aid—an experience that moved them so deeply that they got involved in the pro-life movement by volunteering for their local 40 Days for Life effort. Just months later, Steve found himself at the center of a nationwide controversy as he helped lead an effort to prevent the University of Wisconsin from opening a late-term abortion center. Steve responded courageously, working through the media and organizing thousands of volunteers. 

Steve went on to incorporate a local pro-life organization and was then quickly asked to serve as a leader on the state, national, then international level. Steve has shared his message in 35 states, Washington, DC, four Canadian provinces, and Mexico City.   He and his work have been featured on American Family Radio, EWTN, the Christian Broadcasting Network, NBC, CBS and Fox affiliates, as well as numerous newspapers and radio stations.  Steve lives in Madison, Wisconsin with his wife Laura and his children, Peter, John Paul, and Teresa.

For info, please go to www.40daysforlife.com/annarbor   More info: Sandie Weathers at 734-657-1936. or 40daysforlifeannarbor@gmail.com