Governor Snyder Vetoes Choose Life license Plate Bill

pic license plate

Governor Rick Snyder vetoed legislation that would have created a Choose Life specialty license plate in Michigan. Funds from the license plates would have gone to pregnancy help and suicide prevention programs.

According to the Guttmacher Institute, in 2017:

“29 states allow production of “Choose Life” license plates.

15 of the states donate a portion of the proceeds raised to specific antichoice organizations or CPCs.

18 of the states donate a portion of the proceeds to agencies or organizations that provide adoption assistance, counseling, training or advertising.

1 state uses the funds raised by the plates to pay for roads and road repairs.

10 states specifically prohibit the allocation of funds raised by the sale of “Choose Life” license plates to agencies or organizations that provide abortion services, counseling, referrals or advertising.”

Even with this setback Right to Life of Michigan remains dedicated to making sure that Michigan will have a Choose Life license plate and they look forward to working with the next governor to make the license plate a reality.




The Michigan Senate completed action on the Choose Life fundraising license plate bill on June 6 and it will reach Gov. Snyder’s desk in the next several days. Because the governor has expressed his reluctance to support this legislation, we are asking everyone to pray and to call the governor’s office.

Starting on Thursday, June 8, 9:00 a.m. and thereafter, get everyone you can to call Gov. Snyder’s office in Lansing, 517-373-3400, with this message:

 “Governor Snyder we are praying for you and ask for your support of the women and children who will be helped by the Choose Life license plate.”

 That’s the whole message, short and simple. Give your name and where you are from. Don’t attempt to persuade or argue with the staff answering the phone about the merits of the bill. What we do, which is to be prayerful and respectful and brief, will matter much more than the words we say.