Planned Parenthood Protest


Fifty people prayed and sang on the sidewalk in front of Detroit’s Cass Avenue Planned Parenthood Center on the cool, clear Saturday evening of April 13 as part of a Prayer Vigil (#protestPP) at 142 locations nationwide. 

Pedestrian and car traffic was brisk.  One heckler was persistent, but valiantly ignored as everyone focused on praying the Rosary and the intercessory prayers led by Deacon Richard Bloomfield from Our Lady of the Scapular in Wyandotte. 


As the shadows lengthened with the evening sun and after singing a few hymns, candles were distributed and lit, but most were extinguished by the wind, much like the babies who entered this place in their mothers’ wombs. 

The Divine Mercy Chaplet was prayed, and people were asked to contact legislators and write letters to editors, or take other pro-life actions. The Deacon gave his blessing,  a group photo was taken, and the group dispersed to their homes.


Participants came from Downriver and Detroit Parishes, Upper Downriver Right to Life, Central Wayne County Right to Life, Southern Downriver Right to Life, St. Joseph Oratory, Holy Redeemer Parish, Grosse Ile, and more.


Photos by Richard Evich.

Pope Francis Has Approved the Beatification of Detroit Capuchin Friar Fr. Solanus Casey


At a news conference on May 4, 2017, Archbishop Allen H. Vigneron announced the news that Pope Francis has approved the beatification of Detroit Capuchin Friar, Fr. Solanus Casey, and will be named “blessed”, and has met the requirements sixty years after his death.  Father Casey was the second U.S. born man to achieve such designation, and the first person from Michigan.

Father Solanus Casey’s body was exhumed yesterday, minus the news media.  The casket was in worse shape than his body.  The casket was replaced and his relics were sent to Rome.

It looks as if all 60,000 seats at Ford Field will be needed.  Information about the tickets for his beatification are at:  Tickets can be ordered after August 15.  To receive ceremony details, fill out the form at:


Guadalupe Worker’s Need Volunteers – Please, please help us!


Dear Friends,

Guadalupe Workers is a tax deductible 501(c)3 non- profit organization that offers diverse support for mothers with unplanned pregnancies.

Our June speaker session is on Saturday June 3, 2017, at 1:30 PM at Guadalupe Parish, 4330 Central St., Detroit, Michigan. 

We are having another art session since many of the mothers were very inspired and happy with the last session. It helped them pray and release some stress and they liked the results.

I know that sometimes it doesn’t get busy, but many times it is, and if we don’t have helpers, we cannot provide a peaceful environment for these mothers.

It is just once a month. Plus you can meet the mothers who chose life for their babies.

There will be food and Refreshments.

Contact us at: (734) 262-6779 or at:

Downriver Volunteers Needed to Help With Election


Right to Life of Michigan has identified people who are most likely to vote pro-life. We have the lists and the scripts at the Right to Life Resource Center, 2010 Eureka, Wyandotte (inside the mall on the corner of 20th & Eureka). You can make phone calls at home or bring your cell phone to the office. There are two land lines that can be used.

I intend to make phone calls each afternoon from 1-4 pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week. Will you join me?

I am also taking information door to door in my neighborhood. Let me know if you want to help in your neighborhood.

We have pro-life information cards to hand out at the polls. Can you take the day off and help? It would be great if there were people at every poll!

You can find all of the pro-life candidates at

We need your help in one way or another, to defend innocent life!
Upper Downriver Right to Life


Picket Summit Medical Services Abortion Center


Dear Defenders of LIFE

I truly hope that you will mark your calendars NOW–we will again picket the Summit Medical Services abortion center on Saturday, Nov. 12th from 8:00am to 10:00am, 15801 McNichols Ave, Detroit (Corner of McNichols and Ferror Street).

PLEASE make every effort to be there. This will be the first Saturday after the election. If Hillary wins- we must show that our pro-life commitment is as strong as EVER!! We must be there to witness to the sanctity of LIFE and reach out to the mothers scheduled for abortion. There have been a number of turn-aways from Summit in the last month! So we have hope to save babies!

If Trump WINS– then this picket will seize the momentum going forward as we show our continued resolve to END THE INJUSTICE OF ABORTION!!

Please send this memo to your own lists. Post this memo on FACEBOOK! I will see you there Nov. 12th!!

A project of Citizens for a Pro-life Society and Pro-Life Detroit


NEEDED: Garage Space for Prolife Mobile Ultrasound Unit!



This has gotten to the critical stage. We desperately need an indoor climate controlled space. I am so afraid I will have frozen pipes soon. Please share this ad with everyone and anyone on your email list or other organizations you may belong to.  I do not want to shut down from November to April but we may have to.  This is not a want but a need.  Someone has to know someone who owns a building or business that can house us through the worst of the winter.  I will have to winterize it soon then we cannot use the water or toilet. Not to mention the ultrasound machine.  Please pray on this and act as necessary.  Please ask your church to place in their bulletin.
I am not sure if that rented space is still available – but a space like that will cost us approx. $1,500/mo + –  with utilities. Like I said I am not sure if it’s still available. Perfect spot just not affordable.
Please share this ad and let people know this is critical to our ministry being on the road this winter.
Bev Dixon
(248) 766-1845

Mobile unit locations and times are subject to change due to weather, maintenance and/or staffing issues.  Please call number to verify times and locations.

Services Offered

Pre-termination evaluation including:

  • Pregnancy Testing,
  • Limited Ultrasound,
  • Options Counseling, and
  • Community Referrals

Appointments Available Now, Walk-ins Welcome – operated by ICU Detroit.  Phone: (248) 620-5353, email:

Services are not guaranteed.

Hours – Mondays (Location 1). DHS/WIC office parking lot
8655 Greenfield
Detroit, MI 48228
10:00am – 1:00pm
Mondays – (Location 2) College Park Commons
7990 W. Outer Dr.
Detroit, MI 48235
2:00pm – 5:00pm
Thursdays (Location 1)
15670 E. 8 Mile Rd.
Detroit, MI 48205
9:00am – 12:00pm
Thursdays (Location 2) Woodside Bible Church – Warren Campus
27300 Hoover Rd.
Warren, MI 48093
1:00pm – 4:00pm
Saturdays – Walgreens parking lot
15616 Grand River
Detroit, MI 48227
9:30am – 12:30pm




Sunday, October 2, 2016

2:00 – 3:30 p.m.


FORT STREET – Lincoln Park, Southgate, Wyandotte, Riverview

TELEGRAPH – Monroe, Brownstown, Taylor, Dearborn and Dearborn Heights

GIBRALTAR ROAD – between Fort Street and Allen in BROWNSTOWN

  • Stand up for LIFE from the moment of conception to the last natural breath
  • We are  lawful, prayerful, quiet witnesses for LIFE
  • Bring your whole family!  Be a light in a darkened world and help end abortion!
  • Come with your church group or come on your own.  Signs will be provided.
  • Signs available on FORT Street near Southfield, Champaign, Northline, Vinewood, Eureka, and Pennsylvania
  • Signs available on TELEGRAPH near King Road, Superior, Northline, Wick, Annapolis & Cherry Hill.




For contact information and more locations, see:

Following the LIFE CHAIN there will be an Open House at

Right to Life of Michigan Resource Center

2010 Eureka Rd., Wyandotte, MI 48192

(734) 282-6100

Right to Life of Michigan’s 43rd Annual Conference



SCHEDULE:  Thursday, September 22, 2016

Registration Check-In Begins @ 8:15 a.m.
Program Begins @ 9:00 a.m.
Closing @ 3:00 p.m.


LOCATION: Radisson Hotel Lansing at the Capitol, 11 N. Grand Avenue, Lansing, MI 48933 (517) 482-0188

The Radisson Hotel Lansing requires $10 valet parking. Other parking options include the nearby Lansing Center.


Conference includes continental breakfast, luncheon/RLM Annual Meeting, 2 general sessions and workshops.

$55 Individual Rate
(on or before September 15)

$45 Group Rate
(for registering four or more)

$25 Student Rate

$65 All Late Reservations

September 16 is the last day available for Conference registration refunds.

People with special dietary needs must please contact the RLM State Office in advance at
616-532-2300 or email


Canada and Court Imposed Culture of Death: Could It Happen Here?


Wesley J. Smith

Wesley J. Smith is an author, a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute, a special consultant for the Center for Bioethics and Culture and featured blogger for National Review Online. He is an expert on the issue of euthanasia and a writer on bioethical issues. Smith left the full-time practice of law in 1985 to pursue a career in writing and public advocacy. He co-authored books with Ralph Nader before a personal experience with assisted suicide led him to find his passion of speaking in defense of what he calls “human exceptionalism.” He is the well-known author of “Forced Exit: The Slippery Slope from Assisted Suicide to Legalized Murder.” His most recent book is “The War on Humans.”


Election 2016: Electing Advocates the Unborn Deserve


Bridging the Generational Gap: Engaging Prolife Students

CHRISTEN POLLO – Executive Director, Students for Life of Michigan
REBECCA COOPER – President, Cornerstone University Students for Life

Engaging Strategies for Community Fund Raising

KATHY POTTS – Executive Dir., Jackson County Right to Life
KATHY OGOREK – President, Livingston County Right to Life

The Ripple Effects of Abortion on Women, Men and Families

MAGGIE WALSH – Project Rachel Coordinator through Catholic Charities of West Michigan & Site Leader, West Michigan Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat

The Time is Now: Serving as God’s Instruments of Life in our Congregations and Communities

REV. PAUL CLARK – Pastor, St. Paul Lutheran Church, Fowler

Prolife Voices: How to Host a Black History Month Panel Discussion

KATHY CROMBIE – Director of Multicultural Outreach, Right to Life of Michigan

To register online:

Guadalupe Workers Continue Their Work



I received this from Guadalupe Workers this morning.  Please read it before deciding that you cannot help them.  I know it is lengthy but well worth the read; this is Christian mercy in action and works to lift families out of poverty rather than give them a handout.

Here is what Alicia Wong sent me:

I have decided that for this letter I would like to provide a rather matter-of-fact account of some of the ways in which Guadalupe Workers helps its mothers, or spends its money.  Some mothers whom we meet at the abortion clinic receive FIA cash assistance, which usually gives them between four and five hundred a month on which to live.  When we meet a mother in this circumstance, we will usually provide a two hundred dollar monthly supplement, paid directly to the landlord, for an initial period of three to six months.  After that initial period, we reconsider the mother’s circumstances, and whether or not she is now able to take on full responsibility for rent.

The most frequent request made to Guadalupe Workers is for help with housing.  Again, some mothers have no more than four to five hundred a month.  Working moms might bring in eight hundred to a thousand.  Moving into an apartment in Detroit will cost, with security deposit, around $1,400. This is cash the mothers simply do not have.  We find, then, that often they are “living around”—meaning that they will spend a week or two with one relative or friend, another week somewhere else, and so on, usually with two or three children in tow.  If they run out of places to stay, we might receive an emergency call—as we did yesterday, when we met a mother and her two children at a motel in Dearborn and paid $300 to have her settled at least for one week.

Occasionally a mother comes into a wad of cash, sometimes through a tax return, sometimes from inheritance.  She might use this in order to purchase what I call the Detroit special: a five or six thousand dollar house.  Then again, she might come into possession of such a house through a rent-to-own arrangement.  Regardless, as a family moves into one of these houses, normally the mother and children end up inhabiting a house that has no furnace, no hot water heater, no appliances, and outdated electrical service.  For the next few months, they have to live in a discreet manner, hoping that no one will report them to Child Protective Services.  Much of our income, then, is spent in purchasing major appliances, or in hiring someone to install major appliances. 

Other mothers have already expired the 4 year eligibility for FIA assistance.  They, frequently, have no income at all.  A mother with whom we have been working this past year was in that situation; we paid her entire rent for 6 months and provided GED tutoring, with the hope and expectation that she would, in that time period, find a job and pass the final test for her GED diploma.  We are right at the end of that 6 month period, so are waiting to see what happens!

DTE bills are often in arrears with our mothers.  These bills can range anywhere from two hundred to two thousand dollars.  The bills are high because, invariably, the houses are old, in poor repair, and the mothers know nothing about insulating drafty windows.  At the same time—and we don’t know why—most Detroit residents (at least the ones we have met) habitually keep their thermostats during the winter at about 76 degrees. 

Unpaid tickets are yet another problem.  Most frequently these tickets have to do with driving without insurance.  Very few people in Detroit, actually, have insurance.  They can’t afford it.  This is what happens: since a policy in Detroit would cost several thousand dollars, and, since a car can’t be registered without insurance, unprincipled companies sell two week insurance policies for around $300.  These policies last just long enough for the car to be registered—at which point the policy expires.  A few months later the driver gets pulled over for a burnt-out taillight or some such matter.  The officer asks for proof of insurance, finds that it is expired, writes another ticket.  The driver cannot pay these tickets, or other tickets that start to pile up….  It all concludes with a suspended license, but since for so many the car is badly needed, they continue to drive…more tickets, higher fines….  Usually we advise the mother to go to court and throw herself on the mercy of the judge, who sometimes will set up a payment plan.


We always tell our mothers not to get into survival mode—to think ahead, to plan ahead.  Consequently, we look for opportunities to help them with training or certification programs.  Also, when we find someone who actually has an unfettered driver’s license, we like to be able to provide a decent car, something that will take them to class or to work. 

What we do, then, is way beyond providing diapers and wipes (though we do that too).  Our expenditures are consistently heavy; but that is because when we meet a mother at the abortion clinic, we tell her that we will help with whatever she needs.  That is a promise that saves lives.  It is also a promise that we have never broken.  Accordingly, I ask that, in the busy-ness of summer and with the expenses of vacations, you will not forget us.  We are still there, still in the city, still doing what we have been doing the past 13 years.

If you have the means to help them in their ministry to Detroit moms, please cut a check and mail it to:

Guadalupe Workers
67919 W 8 Mile Rd.
South Lyon, MI 48178
Their website is for more information.
Barb Yagley   248-703-3577

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