New Movie Will Praise Racist Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger as an “Icon and Hero”


Control, not choice, was Sanger’s key word when it came to matters of reproduction, said Angela Franks, Ph.D., an expert on Sanger who has written several books about her life. Franks said Sanger believed that some of the “unfit” should be forced to not reproduce.”

More and more examples of Sanger’s goals outside of exterminating the Black community, birth control, forced sterilization, population control, medical experiments on people, and the push for euthanasia for such reasons as depression, Aspergers, Down Syndrome, and other handicaps is just a short outline of what this alleged “ICON” and “HERO” stood for.  So many of the reasons given for euthanasia now-a-days are medical problems that can be easily treated with medication and/or therapy.

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“Surveys taken in the United States indicate that an estimated 46% of physicians agree that voluntary euthanasia should be allowed for certain situations, with 41% disagreeing altogether and 14% believe it to be circumstantial. “


Below are the “TOP” ten reasons for euthanasia, from those people who think this way, realizing to them these are “Human Rights”.


1. The Hippocratic oath supports euthanasia.
2. Euthanasia saves lives.
3. Euthanasia does not shorten lifespans by as much as is portrayed.
4. Everyone has a right to a good death, therefore a good death must not be denied to those who want one.
5. Euthanasia is properly regulated.
6. Euthanasia does not harm to others.
7. Euthanasia protects self-hood and human dignity.
8. Euthanasia is not immoral.
9. People have the explicit right to choose.
10. People have the right to die.


The Inspirational Story of Christopher Duffley

As a friend said when she posted a video of Christopher Duffley on Facebook, “If anyone can watch this and not cry, then they need to check their pulse”.

Christopher Duffley, now 15 years old, and is from New Hampshire. He was born at 26 weeks and suffers from autism, and has been blind from birth.

To me there are no words to even begin to explain the travesty of those who could not find the beauty and Blessings this child has brought into the world and into his family, and all the other people who have experienced his passion for life and music. Christopher has a MESSAGE and it needs to be heard!

It reminds me of a lady I once knew who had a grandchild that was also born with autism and was blind, and the horrible words she said when she told me it would have been better had the child died. Thank goodness that Christopher’s family never felt this way. This is the kind of thought process that Planned Parenthood and others have when they want babies to be aborted because they might have a disability, or they just aren’t wanted. I babysat this little girl a few times and to me she was a pure joy as she put her sweet little head next to a radio or CD player and rocked to the sound of music, the language of the universe, or how she would cling on to me when I hugged and held her. Every life is a Blessing and each has a purpose.

It also reminds me of a dear friend who had a little boy that was born with Down’s Syndrome. When he told me about it, my first words were to say “I’m sorry”, but before I could go on any further my friend said, “No, don’t be sorry, be happy for us. He has been such a joy and Blessing to us, no different than our other children”.

To see more videos and music by Christopher, you can find them on YouTube or on iTunes. Please take the time for leave an encouraging message for him.