Bernadette Catholic Books for Children Series by Emily Ortega

Looking for a Christmas or other gift for a young Cath0lic child – then look no further because the Bernadette Book Series of three books is perfect.

Emily Ortega earned a Bachelor of Science in chemistry from Case Western Reserve University. After working for two years as a campus missionary with FOCUS, the Fellowship of Catholic University Students, Emily earned her Master’s degree in Humanities from Stanford University. She currently resides with her husband and their seven children in Sedona, Arizona. She’s excited to bring a fictional Catholic family to life and offer young Catholic readers the possibility that their lives in a big, Catholic family aren’t really that odd.

All three of her books are available at the St. Joseph Bookstore at the Fatima Shrine, 18637 Ray St., Riverview, MI. They have limited hours, Wed. and Sat. 11 am to 4 pm or call 734- 284-1445, or they can be ordered at:

Authored by Emily Grace Ortega
Illustrated by Meg Ross Whalen


Bernadette doesn’t know what to do when the principal, Sister Teresa Jerome, announces that her school will celebrate All Saints’ Day with saint costumes. That means no Halloween costumes and no princess dress for Bernadette! Everyone else is excited about finding a great saint costume. But Bernadette doesn’t want to think about it. And to make things worse, her two younger brothers seem to be determined to make trouble for her at home! But with the help of her family, she’s hoping to find the best saint for the first annual All Saints’ Day parade!


Bernadette and her family are back! With Christmas approaching, Bernadette wants to give everyone gifts. But it’s so hard with only the pocket change of a seven year old. And Mama’s about to have a new baby…which is exciting, but seems to wear her out. Will everything at home at school smooth out to give Bernadette and her family a beautiful and blessed Christmas?


Victor, a fourth grader at St. Cletus Academy. He is not excited about Lent. To make things worse, using his tools continually lands him in trouble. Even when he’s trying to be helpful! With some help and understanding from Mom and Dad as well as his teacher, can Victor learn how to be helpful with his tools by Easter?

This book features the same characters as Ortega’s popular “Bernadette” series. This time, however, Bernadette’s brother Victor is the main character.

Catholic Author, Emily Bloomfield Ortega, Book Signing

I'm Bernadette book
Catholic children’s book author, Emily Bloomfield Ortega, formerly of Wyandotte will be signing her books “I’m Bernadette” and “Christmas with Bernadette”,  Monday, June 13 at 8:00 pm at the St Joseph Bookstore, located at 18637 Ray Street in Riverview.

Mrs. Ortega grew up in Wyandotte, and now resides in Santa Fe with her husband and their seven children. Many family experiences have made their way into her books. The books make great gifts and are especially directed to girls ages 6 – 10.

The St. Joseph Bookstore carries a full line of Catholic books, statues and gift items. It is adjacent to The Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima. All are welcome to come to the 7:00 pm Mass followed by Mrs. Ortega’s book signing.

Once in a life-time, the world famous Fatima Statue will be visiting metro Detroit Parishes.  To see the schedule and locations, please click on the following link:

Visit or call 734-281-1445 for more information.