(Excerpt from PBS)

Nov 26, 2019 President Donald Trump signed an executive action on Nov. 26 to address concerns over missing Native American women. The order creates an interagency task force aimed at improving efforts to find out what has happened to Native Americans who have gone missing and prevent the murders of native women. The U.S. government also plans to distribute grants to improve safety in Native American communities. “We will deliver justice for the victims, closure for the families and safety to those in harm’s way,” Trump said. Native American leaders who attended the signing ceremony thanked Trump for taking action and emphasized how murders have affected their communities. “We cannot have this happening anymore,” said Melanie Benjamin, the chief executive of the Non-Removable Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe.

Despite what anyone thinks about President Trump, the important thing here is how and what the various nations had to say.


(Excerpt from U.S. Department of the Interior)

President Biden issues proclamation for missing and murdered relatives – Thursday, May 5, 2022

President Joe Biden issued a proclamation declaring May 5 as Missing or Murdered Indigenous Persons Awareness Day. “For generations, Indigenous persons, including American Indians, Alaska Natives and Native Hawaiians, have been forced to mourn a missing or murdered loved one without the answers and support they deserve,” the proclamation from the White House states. “On Missing or Murdered Indigenous Persons Awareness Day, we remember these victims and their families, and commit to working with Tribal Nations and Native communities to achieve justice and healing.” “The Federal Government has an obligation to ensure that cases of missing or murdered persons are met with swift and effective action,” the proclamation continues. “My Administration is fully committed to investigating and resolving these cases through a coordinated law enforcement response, as well as intervention and prevention efforts. We are also dedicated to researching the underlying causes of this violence and to working with Native communities to address them.”

According to Biden, the Department of Justice is “working closely with Tribal Nations to develop regionally appropriate guidelines for these cases.” The apparent lack of progress in creating these guidelines had been raised in a bipartisan letter sent by key members of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs earlier this week. “The Department of Justice has created a dedicated steering committee to oversee and coordinate this critical work, including an outreach services liaison for Federal criminal cases in Indian Country,” Biden states in the proclamation. The proclamation otherwise does not directly mention Savanna’s Act or the Not Invisible Act, both of which became law in October 2020, before Biden took office. Native women and their advocates have called on the federal government to implement the two laws in order to help address the crisis of missing and murdered people in Indian Country. But Biden touts his signing of the Violence Against Women Act. The new law recognizes the inherent authority of tribes to prosecute non-Indians for a broader set of crimes. It also recognizes the sovereignty of tribes in Alaska, who had been left out of the 2013 version of VAWA. “This important law expands special criminal jurisdiction of Tribal courts to cover non-Native perpetrators of sexual assault, child abuse, stalking, sex trafficking, and assaults on Tribal law enforcement officers on Tribal lands and supports the development of a pilot project to enhance access to safety for survivors in Alaska Native villages,” the proclamation states.

(Excerpt from NC Policy Watch)

President Joe Biden signed an executive order on Monday, November 16, 2021, addressing violence against Indigenous communities.

“These efforts are a matter of dignity,” Biden said during the opening ceremony for the White House Tribal Nations Summit. “That’s the foundation of our nation-to-nation partnership.”

The executive order directs the departments of Justice, Interior, Homeland Security, and Health and Human Services to create a strategy that will improve the public safety and justice for Native Americans, as well as address the crisis of missing or murdered Indigenous peoples.

“I’m proud to sign it. It’s long overdue,” Biden said while signing the order on Monday. “We’re going to make some substantial changes in Indian Country, and it’s going to continue.”


As of today, August 6, 2022, these are just more promises made but promises not kept but that isn’t anything new when it comes to the Native American nations. What is different though is that there was a time when the news would carry and report on stories like this, but now-a-days, they are all bought and paid for by political parties, and this is why it is imperative that people become more involved and contact the various medias demanding more coverage about this problem, and to use Facebook and Twitter to spread the word. WE ARE OUR BROTHER’S KEEPER!

Calling Christians and Jews to Send a Pro-Life E-mail to Rabbi Weiner


Since I do not have a Jewish Pro-Life group in my area, I try to work as much as I can with my local Christian brothers and sisters, BUT NOW I NEED THEIR HELP, as well as the help of other Jewish Pro-Life activists.

There is a protest going on against one of our misguided Rabbis who is working with Planned Parenthood. I try not to ask too much of my friends, but this is important to me and to the Pro-Life movement. I ask that you take a few moments of your time and send an e-mail to: RabbiWeiner@TINR.ORG.

I’ve included my e-mail below, but of course you can choose to write whatever you want to. We MUST ALL STAND TOGETHER, as abortion is an abomination to all people of every faith that follows the words of the Creator. If it is easier, just copy and paste one of the following pictures and e-mail it to him.  One picture is worth a thousand words!

RabbisTorah szdstar

“Your biography says: “Judaism is not a spectator sport. One must engage Judaism in every way possible: from prayer to learning, from protest to visiting the sick, from visiting Israel regularly to feeding the homeless.” He believes that “Judaism is at its best when spirituality and action are paired.”

(Excerpt from the Jewish Pro-Life Foundation)

Judaism emphasizes the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death, making it incumbent upon Jews to find alternative life saving ways to deal with unplanned and unwanted pregnancy. Adoption and single parenthood are much better choices for Jews than the intentional killing of an innocent life. Indeed, Judaism insists that a Jew break all the Sabbath rules to save the life of a fetus. Judaism prohibits desecrating the human body, but abortion destroys a human body, and the harvesting of baby parts for profit runs contrary to Jewish respect for the dead.

Our Jewish tradition provides clear guidelines to follow regarding the protection of unborn human life. From Genesis 9:6-7, “Whoso sheddeth man’s blood through man, shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made He man. And you, be fruitful, and multiply; swarm in the earth, and multiply therein“, to Deuteronomy 30:19, where our Heavenly Father clearly declares, “I call heaven and earth to witness against you this day, that I have set before thee life and death, the blessing and the curse; therefore, choose life, that thou mayest live, thou and thy seed.“

In the Zohar, our mystical sages warn us of disturbing human unborn life, “For there are three [persons] who drive away the Shekkinah (indwelling of God ) from the world, making it impossible for the Holy One, Blessed be He, to fix His abode in the universe and causing prayer to be unanswered…..{The third is} he who causes the fetus to be destroyed in the womb, for he destroys the artifice of the Holy One, blessed be He, and His workmanship…… For these abominations the Spirit of Holiness weeps.”

AS A JEW AND A PRO-LIFE ACTIVIST, I am embarrassed for and by this Rabbi, who in  my humble opinion, shouldn’t even have the title of “Rabbi” in front of his name.  He is not a good example of a Rabbi, or of Jewish Law.

Despite the fact that the Rabbi’s e-mail said he was on a month long vacation and could  not  respond, he managed to respond to my e-mail within a half hour or so, in the most disrespectful way possible, a way that NO RABBI would ever talk to a fellow human being, let alone a fellow Jew.  Apparently the money he gets for being on Planned Parenthood’s Board of Directors has outweighed his humanity and his training in Jewish Law when it comes to the sanctity of life.  I find it very interesting that when the Jewish Pro-Life Federation sent him e-mails and literature about abortion, he failed to take them on, but decided to take me, as a single individual on with his insults and disrespect.


Coming attractions: Media Equality Project is just warming up

If you are as tired as I am about the left trying to rid the voices of conservatives, now is your chance to do something about it.  Join and follow the link below.

It is time for conservatives to fight fire with fire, to make our voices heard and now we have a leader – Media Equalizer.  The left has been doing everything possible to boycott and scare the advertisers into firing anyone on FOX or any conservative programming.  They do not want our voices heard.  If you need more proof, just look at what is happening at universities whenever a conservative tries to give a speech.

The left who spews “Freedom of Speech”, only means speech if you agree with them.

Follow and share the articles from Media Equalizer.  They will be naming and giving info on how to contact the advertisers of the left hate groups.  This is your time to take action!

Source: Coming attractions: Media Equality Project is just warming up



Research one of the issues below and make a 5-7 minute prolife presentation to a panel of judges.





Downriver Affiliates Prizes – 1st Place $125 – 2nd Place $75 – 3rd Place $50

State Prizes – $500 – $300 – $200

National Prizes – $1,000 – $750 – $500 – $250

The contest is open to ALL PRO-LIFE MICHIGAN HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS.  The state contest for local winners will be on May 14, 2016 in the Lansing area.  Contact your local coordinator for local contest details.  Organized by local Right to Life affiliates, Right to Life of Michigan Educational Fund and the National Right to Life Committee.  If you don’t know who your local affiliate is, please contact (616) 532-2300.

Affiliate Contest :  Downriver Affiliates (Dearborn Area, Central Wayne County, Southern Downriver, Upper Downriver)

Local Coordinator:  Pam Munroe

Local Contest Date:  March 5, 2016 (Southgate Veterans Memorial Library)

Volunteers to show up by 11:00 AM

Participants to show up by 11:30 AM

Contest to start at Noon

Entry Deadline:  March 3, 2016

Phone:  (734) 282-6100 or (734) 288-8798 or (734) 782-2693

Even if you do not have a high school  participant, please come out to support and encourage these wonderful and talented students.  Free of charge.







David Daleiden – man behind the Center for Medical Progress Videos



Dear Defenders of Life–  David Daleiden —  the man behind the Center for Medical Progress videos–  the young, courageous hero who has altered the landscape of the abortion wars, will be coming to Michigan as the guest of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society–AND WILL BE THE KEY-NOTE SPEAKER AT OUR FUNDRAISER— Friday, April, 29th   AND I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP TO PLAN THIS EVENT!   SEE BELOW FOR PLANNING SESSIONS.  

The event will take place at Christ the King Church in Ann Arbor– either in the church itself– or the “Barn”  which seats up to 500 persons.

Please come to ONE of these meetings:
Saturday, Feb. 6th   Christ the King Church  3 pm  Bishop Mengeling Room   4000 Ave Maria Dr, Ann Arbor, MI 48105 
Saturday, Feb. 13th    Transfiguration Parish   3 pm   Duns Scotus Room    25225 Code Rd, Southfield, MI 48033
Our Other Special Guest is the wonderfully talented musician  Eric Genuis!!
If you cannot come to either of these meetings– but would like to serve on the planning committee for this CPLS fundraiser–simply respond to this memo–  send your phone number–  and we will surely get back in touch with you!   Or feel free to call me directly at   248 444-9096
God Bless you ALL
Monica of CPLS
Event Tasks:
1) advertising and promotion, i.e.: mailings,church bulletins, Face Book Page, etc., email lists, radio ads 
2) pre-sale of tickets
3) food committee      hors d’oeuvres, wine, champagne,other beverages, etc. 
4) set up crew–tables,chairs etc.
5) drivers for David–pick up at airport, hotel, drop off  etc. etc. 
6) pro-life booths coordinator

March for Life in Wyandotte, MI

The snow storm in Washington, DC caused the cancellation of three bus loads with 150 people from the Downriver area planning to attend the annual March for Life in Washington, DC on January 22nd. The bus trip was organized by Southern Downriver Right to Life and was to have included many students from both Gabriel Richard (Riverview) and St. Frances Cabrini (Allen Park) High Schools.

In Wyandotte, snow was not a problem for the 80 people who participated in the January 24th March for Life organized by Upper Downriver Right to Life, another affiliate of Right to Life of Michigan.

The group departed from Our Lady of the Scapular parish in Wyandotte. They prayed the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary as they walked past three of the neighborhood Rosary Shrines on their way to Mt. Carmel Cemetery. In the chapel, Deacon Luis Flores, assisted by Deacon Richard Bloomfield, led a prayer service remembering more than 57 million victims of abortion since the Roe v. Wade decision of the Supreme Court on January 22, 1973. The group also prayed for the healing of mothers whose babies were aborted, that medical personnel involved with abortion would become healers and stop the killing, and for government officials to help bring an end to abortion.

Choir members from St. Patrick Church of St. Vincent Pallotti parish led everyone in singing Immaculate Mary as the group processed from the chapel to the adjacent Memorial Monument for the Unborn where the choir sang more hymns. It was 20 years ago, in 1996 when the Knights of Columbus from Wyandotte Council 1802 dedicated the monument. There has been a prayer service there every year since.

Following the prayer service, many warmed up with hot chocolate, donuts and pizza at the Right to Life of Michigan Education Office Open House on 20th and Eureka in Wyandotte.

The bus from Dearborn’s Divine Child High School and some others from the Metro Detroit area did make it, but with delays caused by the snow on their return trip.

Marching-past-capital, DC

Marching past the capital in DC

Orchard Lake in DC

Orchard Lake, MI in DC

Notre Dame Prep, Pontiac in DC

Notre Dame Prep, Pontiac, MI in DC

Another prayer service had been held January 17th, organized by Paul McKenzie at Community Bible Church in Trenton. Song, prayer, a skit and the stories of two families who had adopted children showed the value of all human life, born and unborn. Giving a child up for adoption costs the mother nothing. It can cost the adoptive parents up to $40,000. An abortion typically costs $400. Elayna Brown and Claire Castle sang “Who will speak up for the little ones? I’ve got to speak up, won’t you?”

Elayna Brown & Claire Castle in Trenton

Elayna Brown & Claire Castle in Trenton

Paul McKenzie

Paul McKenzie

Girl Scouts: “We Partner With Planned Parenthood Organizations”


Girl Scouts of USA’s former CEO, Kathy Cloninger, can be seen  in the following video espousing her proud claim that Girl Scouts partners with Planned Parenthood.  As much as she, the current CEO, Anna Maria Chavez, and others deny the claim, one only has to do their own homework to see that nothing has changed when it comes to their indoctrinating our young girls.

Since Planned Parenthood is quoted as saying “young people understand that they are entitled to sexual pleasure and how to experience different forms of sexual pleasure is important for their health and well-being”,  they provide graphic instruction in their various publications and websites on multiple ways youth can obtain sexual pleasure. Planned Parenthood teaches promiscuity to children, grooming future birth control and abortion clients.  Planned Parenthood sex-education has that has distributed “educational” material, considered by many groups to be pornographic, to kids as young as 10 years old.

According to Life News, “Curiously, there are no pro-life groups recommended by the Girl Scouts curriculum for girls. However, Girl Scout curriculum does recommend many abortion rights advocacy organizations and resources like:

    • WAGGGS.org – Girl Scouts tell girls to check out WAGGGS.org which advocates for abortion and contains other concerning content.
    • DoSomething.org – Girl Scouts promotes this resource which refers girls to Planned Parenthood for contraception and to the Guttmacher Institute for a guide to minor’s abortion rights
    • Idealist.org – Girl Scout directs girls to idealist.org, which lists hundreds of paid and volunteer jobs at Planned Parenthood, to learn more about being an advocate.
    • ACLU – Girl Scouts encourages girls to consider several advocacy careers including as an ACLU lawyer.
    • Amnesty International and Population Council – Girl Scouts recommends girls research these pro-abortion organizations on the internet.”