An Open Letter To Pro-Lifers

Upper Downriver Right to Life Pray at 40 Days for Life Event

40 days

Saturday, March 12, some of our  local group gathered to pray at the Northland Family Planning abortion mill.
40 Days for Life is the largest internationally coordinated pro-life mobilization in history, helping people in local communities end the injustice of abortion. Today is the 32nd day of the period from February 10 through March 20, 2016.
With so many people participating and praying for the end of  abortion, the 40 Days for Life has not only saved hundreds and hundreds of babies, they have helped close down abortion mills, and are educating the people about the lies and abuse by Planned Parenthood of mothers and babies.

Abortion clinic (Northland) threatens lawsuit; pro-life group responds, “Make our day.” Northland is a late-term abortion chain of 3 mills in Michigan – See more at:

Please Let Me Live – Ruby McCray – Abortion – Lyrics – Video

From John Pisciotta
Director of Pro-Life Waco

I would love for you to listen to a life-saving song written (30+ years ago) and performed by Ruby McCray. The title is “Please Let Me Live.” Ruby McCray is my dear friend, a Waco-area pro-life foot soldier, a teacher of Spanish and music, an Evangelist, a preacher of the Word of God, and more.

Some of you know that I’ve been one of the voices who’s been speaking out for the unborn babies for many years. There’s the belief that the woman has the right to make choices concerning her own body—speaking from the laws of man and not considering the laws of the Creator… 

The song was written in 1985, recorded, was sung on radio, TV, many churches and Pro-Life venues. Parents have presented children to me saying that they heard the song and couldn’t go on with the abortion. Praise The KING!!! 

Ruby McCray 

P.S. No matter how badly one wants or doesn’t want a baby, The CREATOR of all life is the only ONE who can open and close the womb (Genesis 29:31-35; 30:1, 2).

Steve Karlen to Speak at 40 Days For Life Ann Arbor Midpoint Rally, Saturday, February 27th at 3:00 pm!



STEVE KARLEN, Director of North American Outreach, for 40 Days for Life will be flying in from Wisconsin, to speak at our Midpoint Rally, on Saturday, February 27, at 3 pm outside of Planned Parenthood, 3100 Professional Drive in Ann Arbor.

Please join us and hear his inspiring message! Steve has always been pro-life, but, like many people, he never really did anything about it. All of that changed when his wife found out that a friend was pregnant and planning to have an abortion. Steve and his wife rushed to her aid—an experience that moved them so deeply that they got involved in the pro-life movement by volunteering for their local 40 Days for Life effort. Just months later, Steve found himself at the center of a nationwide controversy as he helped lead an effort to prevent the University of Wisconsin from opening a late-term abortion center. Steve responded courageously, working through the media and organizing thousands of volunteers. 

Steve went on to incorporate a local pro-life organization and was then quickly asked to serve as a leader on the state, national, then international level. Steve has shared his message in 35 states, Washington, DC, four Canadian provinces, and Mexico City.   He and his work have been featured on American Family Radio, EWTN, the Christian Broadcasting Network, NBC, CBS and Fox affiliates, as well as numerous newspapers and radio stations.  Steve lives in Madison, Wisconsin with his wife Laura and his children, Peter, John Paul, and Teresa.

For info, please go to   More info: Sandie Weathers at 734-657-1936. or


40 Days for Life – Ann Arbor

Cecilia Tombelli

​40 DFL Ann Arbor Excited to Announce that Cecelia Tombelli Will be the Keynote Speaker at Our Jericho March and Kickoff Rally to be Held, Sun. Feb. 7th!

Please join your neighbors on Sunday, February 7th, at 2:00 pm for the 40 Days For Life Ann Arbor, Jericho March and Kickoff Rally beginning and ending at Planned Parenthood, 3100 Professional Dr in Ann Arbor.

Everyone is invited to join us in an Interfaith Expression of Spiritual Warfare, as we complete a one mile lap around the triangular block that surrounds Planned Parenthood with prayer and singing. Cecelia Tombelli, coordinator of the New Life Center – Project Rachel in Lansing, will be our keynote speaker. After closing down what was Lansing’s last free-standing surgical abortion clinic, the New Life Center began hosting post-abortion recovery classes to help heal the wounds and invite women to let go of their depression, anger, shame, self-reproach and guilt caused by the decision to abort.

In this Year of Mercy, Cecilia’s message will be vitally important. Each Sunday during the campaign we will complete another lap of the Jericho March, concluding Palm Sunday, March 20th, We don’t expect the physical walls of the building to crumble, but we do expect the spiritual walls to continue to crumble, so that Planned Parenthood’s chambers will no longer be used to destroy children, so that workers and mothers and fathers and children and families and communities and our nation can be freed from their deadly influence.

Come join us, as we speak up for those, who cannot speak for themselves. For more information, contact the Ann Arbor campaign director, Sandie Weathers at 734-657-1936 or email Website:

Jewish Pro-Life Foundation – המוסד למען קדושת חיי אדם

Excerpt from the Jewish Pro-Life Foundation:

“The use of elective abortion violates the most fundamental principle of the sanctity of human life, introduced in the Natural Law set forth in the Noahide scripture, “he who sheds the blood of man, in man ( adam ba’adam ) shall his blood be shed” (Genesis 9:6). Using and condoning elective abortion is demographic and spiritual suicide, and promotes the eugenics movement which historically has targeted Jews for extinction.”

ABC TV Show ‘Scandal’ Plays ‘Silent Night’ as Main Character Kills Her Baby in an Abortion |

ABC’s Scandal just crossed a sickening line in the episode “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” The entire hour was an advertisement for Planned Parenthood, but the absol

Source: ABC TV Show ‘Scandal’ Plays ‘Silent Night’ as Main Character Kills Her Baby in an Abortion |

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