Stand Up for Native Americans

Since the above video was made, the actual count no longer exists because the media does not cover this topic.

What can you do? You can contact the various news outlets, TV channels, newspapers and ask that they cover this topic in order to stop this atrocious and heart breaking problem. If people do not know about it, then it will just continue to be a problem. Make your voice heard.

Every city has an online newspaper called the “Patch”. You can use this as a source to get localities to cover this topic. You can contact the editorial page of most newspapers, or go as far as putting out press releases. You can bring attention to this subject by using Twitter and Facebook, but what you CAN’T do is not to do nothing while so many innocent people are being raped, murdered, and just disappearing, and consider yourself an empathetic person. You have a voice – so use it!

Activism should never be violent or disrespectful, but there are so many ways people can become active out of caring about our fellow human beings by being supportive through donations, if needed, or an article, or a post bringing people up-to-date on what is happening. If you want or need more of an active part, then participate in local events, marches, or peaceful protests.

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