Training for Petition Drive to Prohibit Dismemberment Abortion

Michigan Residents say NO to Dismemberment Abortion

An opportunity is before Michigan citizens. By working together, we can ban the inhumane abortion procedure known as the D&E or dilation and evacuation method. This method of abortion uses surgical instruments to forcibly remove arms and legs from a living human being in the womb.

Michigan’s Constitution allows the people to initiate legislation through a petition. The petition seeks legislation that would amend our partial-birth abortion ban by adding the equally horrific dismemberment abortion procedure to that ban. The advantage of this approach is that the bill’s language cannot be changed by the legislature, but more importantly, it cannot be vetoed by Governor Whitmer! We need to collect 400,000 signatures, and we have 180 days to do it, starting on June 26, 2019.

To learn more, read the Petition, order materials, please go to:

4 thoughts on “Training for Petition Drive to Prohibit Dismemberment Abortion

  1. There is no such thing as dismembering abortions. You lack an understanding of not only basic medicine and science but human history. As long as human beings have had societies we have come up with techniques to control our reproduction. Abortion is not only medically necessary for some people, it is inherent to human evolution.


    1. Dismemberment abortions are very real so you are the one that doesn’t know what you are talking about. Being on the Board of Directors of our pro-life group, and the education most of us go through on the history, stats, laws, and all aspects of the medical procedures and facts, has given me enough understanding of basic medicine and science, something that you are apparently are not up-to-date on, but then I wouldn’t expect a “Professional Activist” and Socialist to know anything except for the brainwashing the left has done on you.


      1. LMFAO, sure, I’m the one who is brainwashed. You just admitted that the only source of your information is your own organization and mine is 27 years organizing experience and a college education, but sure. I’m brainwashed. 🤣🤣🤣. Btw, I’m not an activist, I’m an organizer. Big difference.


  2. There you go again assuming. I never admitted my ONLY source of info was the pro-life organization (used it as an argument about your denying dismemberment abortions), to show that we are on top of stats and medical and scientific proof that a pregnant woman is carrying a real live human being, separate and distinct from her and is NOT part of her body, and is NOT just a clump of cells. With over 80 years behind me, more activism than your total age and a college education and traveling over 33 countries to study various cultures, with over eight years of studying Quantum Physics, I’d put my knowledge of science up against yours anytime, You see, I understand true medical advancement, and true science while you think eliminating cow farts will help save the planet and keep us all from dying in 12 years. Because I like to share, I’ll pass some of my experience on to you – you should not use the term “Professional Protestor” because it makes it sound like you are one of the bought and paid for protestors by and the other anarchist groups you apparently have no problem with, but maybe you are and maybe you are proud of that. You’re free and have the right to be yourself, to think, believe, and behave in a way that is your own – BUT YOU DO NOT have the right to try to stop my freedom to do the same. Grow up little boy!


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