Medical Abortions comprise 22.6% of abortions performed before the ninth week of pregnancy, not an insignificant number. Unlike surgical or suction abortions which immediately kill the baby; medical abortions take longer and therefore can sometimes be reversed. The purpose of this half day conference will increase the participants knowledge of a medical abortion and how the process can be reversed as well as how one can become involved in helping a mother reverse a medical abortion.


George Delgado, M.D.
Dr. George Delgado, M.D.

Medical Director of APR and Culture of Life Family Health Care. He established the abortion pill reversal program and in April of this year published a second research study involving 261 successful medical abortion reversals. Dr. Delgado is a popular speaker and has made hundreds of presentations on all pro-life issues.

                Tracey Fish, MS, PA-C
Tracey Fish, MS, PA-C

Kirstie Almy, MS, PA

  Kirstie Almy, MS, PA

Physician Assistants at Crossroads Care Center performing ultrasounds, STD testing and treatment and are in the process of offering APR soon.

Nancy Hauff, PhD, MSN, RN

Nancy Hauff, PhD, MSN, RN

Board President of Gianna House: she is currently a full-time faculty member at Wayne State University College of Nursing, teaching undergraduate perinatal nursing. In addition she continues to work as a staff nurse at the DMC Hutzel Women’s Hospital.

Guadalupe Workers’ September Newsletter

9484 8-05

Guadalupe Workers is a tax deductible 501(c)3 non- profit organization that offers diverse support for mothers with unplanned pregnancies.

Our last letter told you of our ambitions to return two young children, Ernesto and Stephiie, to their mother, who had been detained back in May and deported to Mexico.

Ernesto, when he was a uterine child more than 3 years ago, had been rescued from abortion at the Ann Arbor Planned Parenthood. After securing all necessary paperwork, and after lengthy discussions with those fostering the children here in Monroe and with their mother in Mexico, we departed with the children on August 13. By the grace of God, the trip went very smoothly: we flew into Mexico City, were picked up there and driven 3 hours north to Queretaro, where the children were at last united with their mother, 3 months after separation.

Meanwhile, with the help of connections in Queretaro, we had been helping the mother, Maria, get herself established in a small house on a rancho near Guanajuato. It was, I think, one of the most privileged moments I’ve ever experienced, seeing the reunion of Maria and the children. More than 3 years ago, initially she had accepted Ernesto’s presence with very mixed emotions. Now she took him and his older sister into her arms with complete joy. Happily, upon returning to Mexico City, we were able to deliver a personal word of thanks to she who has done so much for us in the past 15 years–Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe.


Maria and her children reunited


     The Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe Mexico City, Mexico                                                                                                                                                                       

Back in Detroit, we are still homeless. Ambitions of purchasing our own office in Detroit were very quickly stifled during the summer months, as donations barely allowed us to keep up with the most critical needs of our mothers and families. Nevertheless, while those ambitions were stifled, they were not extinguished; and we continue from time to time to look at properties, now particularly on the southwest side, hoping God will show a way.

This summer we were able to be at the abortion facilities on the weekdays, with several successes to add to our Guadalupe Family. Just two days ago, I was standing on the McNichols side of Summit, when a man who had been parked farther down the block left his parking space and drove up abreast of me, where he double-parked in the way of traffic, to thank me and shake my hand. Initially, I was a little confused, not knowing why he was thanking me or who he was. He told me, though, that we had saved a life that day, while he also repeated several times that God works in mysterious way. He then pulled away, turned the corner at Forrer, where he was lost to my view. I walked around to the front of the building, where I learned that he had just picked up his girlfriend, who had exited the building upset, but carrying an ultrasound image. Yes, God works in mysterious ways.

There are new stories to tell—and there are old stories which continue. Taneika and Jabbar and their family have been with us for many years. Nine children now. Taneika, though, went through a job transition and Jabbar, for some reason, was cut off from his SSI benefits. And just as Taneika had finished her training and was ready to begin a new job, the front axle of their truck broke. Extensive front end work was needed, utility bills were needed, food was needed…. We’ve been asked many times before why we don’t connect our families with established help agencies, like the Knights of Columbus or Saint Vincent DePaul. Well, we do. We’ve established good working relationships with the mobile ultrasound unit and with the Luke Project, which has provided prenatal care for several of our mothers. And Saint Vincent DePaul on a couple of occasions has assisted with temporary housing. Often, though, the needs of our families require a quick, personal response—which we, by virtue of our small, on-the-road Board, are best able to give.

The newest Guadalupe Workers family members!



These twin babies were born on Saturday morning September 1st. They weigh 3 lbs each. Please pray for Kalaya and Kaleya.


Adonys was born 4 months ago! We had the joy to babysit for her mother for a few days. Such a sweet baby!

Coming up on September 29, as I hope you know, we and several co-sponsors are hosting a Michigan Sidewalk Counseling Symposium. As I have striven to clarify on radio interviews, this gathering is not a training session, and is not strictly about sidewalk counseling. Our aim is to explore the simple question, Is there an obligation for the whole Christian community to be at the killing places? We won’t get into discussions of this method or that method, of this strategy or that strategy. For many years we’ve talked about numbers, statistics, a class called the “unborn.” But if our premise is the sanctity of each individual life, shouldn’t we be there for each individual life?

Please go to our website to view a flyer for the event—and PLEASE use your own connections to spread word about the symposium. Several of the national greats of the prolife movement will be there.

Satanic Black Mass Ritual


According to the web site of the Philadelphia Mausoleum of Contemporary Art (PhilaMOCA), they will host a Satanic Black Mass Ritual on Friday, October 12.

It will be performed by one of the founders of the Satanic group known as The Satanic Temple, which has rented the mausoleum’s venue to perform the ritual.

Why would PhilaMOCA allow such an event?

Sadly, it’s going ahead.

I pray you will join me in asking Our Lady, St. Michael the Archangel, and all the Angels and Saints to bless our defense of the precious remnants of Christian Civilization in America – so threatened by these black mass rituals.

As a loving member of God’s Church Militant, pray for Heaven’s help, and take action now.


Efforts at mainstreaming satanic worship in America have been going on for a long time.

Apart from private or unadvertised hidden, late-night, impure ‘festivals’ and ‘gatherings’, America Needs Fatima has publicly protested the mainstreaming of Satanism over the years, including:

  • September, 2010…..
    A public black mass in Oklahoma City convention center
  • April, 2014…..
    Legal proceedings to have a Baphomet Idol statue on Oklahoma State grounds
  • October, 2014…..
    Attempt to place Satanic “Coloring Books” in South Florida public school system
  • November, 2014…..
    Setting up a Satanic “Christmas” display in the rotunda of the Florida Statehouse
  • July, 2015…..
    “A night of debauchery” in Detroit at Bert’s Warehouse Theatre and the unveiling of their completed 9’ tall statue of Baphomet
  • December, 2015…..
    A Black Mass and demonic “Consumption of Mary” ceremony in Oklahoma City
At the Philadelphia Mausoleum of Contemporary Art
  • February, 2016……
    An attempt to begin the Phoenix City Council meeting with a Satanic Prayer Invocation
  • July, 2016……
    Another Black Mass and explanation about it at the Oklahoma Civic Center
  • September, 2016…..
    “After School Satan Clubs” installed in 3 public schools
  • July, 2017……
    Building and setting up a satanic veterans’ memorial with a block of black marble with a pentagram emblazoned on it
  • November, 2017……
    Building and setting up an ugly and chaotic anti-Christmas manger display in the city square of Boca Raton, Florida
  • August, 2018…..
    Transporting and unveiling a Baphomet Idol statue on the State Capitol Grounds in Little Rock, Arkansas
  • October 12, 2018……
    and now a Black Mass Ritual in Philadelphia

…talk about bringing devils into our country!

It’s critical that we too never give up. God Always! Satan Never!

And so a copy of your protest will be sent to Philadelphia Mayor James Kenney and Mr. Eric Bresler, Director/Curator, PhilaMOCA, asking them to cancel this event.


You and I and all God fearing people cannot allow this latest Satanic assault to go by unopposed.

God love you! And Mary be with you!


Robert Ritchie
Director, America Needs Fatima