Luke 52 Project Mobile


Emmanuel Lughermo says, “This is a picture of Karlita with Majesty on the sides of the Luke 52 Project Mobile, 35 foot RV that was delivered last Wednesday. It will be very special to me knowing the city of Detroit and beyond will see her and her baby and I will be driving it.”


According to the National Review, ultrasounds help the pro-life movement persuade previously unreachable individuals. Pro-choice organizations, despite their public denials, understand this, and in fact have conceded the point in lawsuits challenging mandatory ultrasound laws.  Recognizing the power of these images, states are adopting laws requiring doctors to perform an ultrasound before an abortion.

As science and technology make biological reality become apparent to people, America’s abortion regime will become untenable. A mother looking at an ultrasound of her 10 or 12 week child will know that this is no mere clump of cells or tumor as explained to them by abortion mills. The entire horror of a late-term abortion will be obvious to parents who can  see their child in a high-quality video. Once such images are widely distributed, the entire abortion debate is going to change, and has already started.


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