Invitation to the grand Opening of the new Pregnancy Resource Center

Invite for new preg center

DPT&HC Invite

This pregnancy center used to operate out of the basement at Oasis of Hope Church on 7 Mile by Woodward.  The new Director knew she needed to move it out of the church to reach the women they hoped to show the love of God to as they support them to choose life. They are located right by Summit abortuary on McNichols and Forrer.  Please pray for their protection – this area as many of you know is spiritually dark, we know the enemy does not want them there saving lives. Pray for the strength of the Director and staff to endure attacks.   They will not be providing ultrasounds yet and will refer to us or other pregnancy centers as needed until they can get a medical director and medical staff.


The wonderful volunteers with Guadelupe Workers have been shining the light into that corner for years and for that we are all so grateful!! So many lives have been saved.  Now they have someone close by to send the moms to and Detroit Pregnancy test and Help Center will be a great new partner in the fight to support moms to choose life.


4 thoughts on “Invitation to the grand Opening of the new Pregnancy Resource Center

    1. It is a civil rights issue. Do children in the womb have a right to life or not?

      It is sad that women demand abortion.

      Amanda: Where do our rights come from? Not from activist jurists.


    2. Well at least you are willing to admit that “reproductive rights” are separate and different than “healthcare”. Healthcare saves lives, abortion kills life.


      1. Reproductive rights should be protected under the law, not forced birth on girls and women against their will. Early term fetuses have no consciousness or ability to experience pain or suffering.


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