Feedback on our Planned Parenthood Protest on April 28, 2018

I knew that we had been off to a slow start for publicity, so had expected that the 5 people who  car pooled from OL Scapular were going to be it, but 5 others came! (from Livonia, Dearborn and Trenton).  We had no counter protesters, perhaps due to the late posting of our location.

The bus drivers going up and down Cass slowed down, waved, tooted their horn and allowed their passengers to read our signs. Not a lot of traffic before 10 am. About 10:40 am, a young woman parked and ran some things into Planned Parenthood.  She looked angry.  She had a Planned Parenthood insignia on her that I saw. She didn’t say anything to us. She just did her errand and left.

Just before we were finished, a young woman jogging crossed the street to speak to us. She (Brianna Sacks) was in town from California, working for Buzz Feed to cover the Trump Rally Saturday evening. She spoke to me, took some pictures, was not at all judgemental, but seemed interested. I gave her the press release that I had personalized from the template and the hand out to defund Planned Parenthood.

Photos and article written by Debbie Bloomfield

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