Roses for Mother’s Day!


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Upper Downriver Right to Life would like to help your students honor their mothers with a silk rose for Mother’s Day.  This is a simple way to share the pro-life message and help students to remember to thank their mothers for the most precious gift of life.

When the forms and money are collected, simply call (734) 288-8798 or (734) 934-2599, and we will bring the roses to the school for distribution.


4 thoughts on “Roses for Mother’s Day!

    1. We Pro-lifers teach our children love for life and love for their mothers, unlike your blog and pro-choice people who do like to INDOCTRINATE everyone that babies are no more than a clump of cells. Need to do your medical homework or maybe check in with some of the states that do consider unborn babies as people and if anyone kills the mother they also go to jail on a second count of killing the child, not a clump of cells.


      1. So you think prochoice people dont teach love for life and mothers? That’s untrue.

        Research shows early term fetuses are unconscious and dont experience pain; research is not indoctrination.

        Pushing the ideology that a fertilized egg is a life is not only indoctrination its ignorance fueled by spiritual fanaticism.

        An early term fertilized egg is not a baby and terminating an early term pregnancy is not only a basic right it’s the responsible choice for many people.


      2. I’m curious how many children you’ve adopted? Since you allegedly care so much about saving babies


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