Wayne County Winners of 2018 Pro-Life Oratory Contest


1st – Michael Carzon, 2nd – Sarah Hornbeck, 3rd – Abraham Hornbeck

Wayne County Right to Life affiliates sponsor the annual Oratory Contest for high school students.  This event involves researching, writing and presenting a speech on abortion, euthanasia, infanticide, stem cell research or cloning. The contest provides the building of their confidence in public speaking, critical thinking and constructing persuasive arguments.  They also learn how to engage others in constructive discussions about life and death issues.

The top three winners receive monetary prizes of $125, $75, and $50 respectively, and their choice of a Pro-Life tee shirt, and the first place winner will advance to the state contest in May.  In June, the state winner then competes at the National Right to Life Committee in Kansas, and the winning student also has the opportunity available to give their presentation at other local events.


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