Planned Parenthood – Latest Recording about “Euthanizing” a 26 Week Old Baby


Listen to the newly released recording of Southwestern Women’s Options abortion mill in Alburquerque, New Mexico,  concerning another late term abortion, when the staffer at Planned Parenthood uses the term “they will euthanize the fetus”.

It appears that they are following the new laws of Oregon where no explanation or questions are asked of the mother-to-be as long as they get their money from an abortion.  These latest laws in Oregon, and now apparently also being used in New Mexico, take away any argument that pro-choice has that abortion is used to “save the mother” because of some type of health risk or death itself.

Thanks to Abortion Free New Mexico and Priests for Life, this recording was published by the New Mexico group, Pro-life Witness.

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3 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood – Latest Recording about “Euthanizing” a 26 Week Old Baby

  1. The Survivors, a group of young, Christian pro-life activists protested these abortion facilities in Albuquerque a few years back.

    These abortionists’ sins and crimes against humanity cry out to heaven for justice.


  2. It just seems the more abortion clinics we close down, the more open Planned Parenthood is trying to make up the difference by doing more late term abortions and now trying to get facilities into high schools. It is all about the money! At least now they have been forced to admit that they are using taxpayer dollars which they always denied in the past, and they’ve lost the ability to say that they are trying to spare the mother-to-be’s life, because they don’t even ask for a reason.

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