2017 – Wyandotte Street Art Fair

The pictures were taken as soon as I set up our booth, early in the day and about an hour after our storm, so there doesn’t appear to be a lot of activity in the video, BUT as the morning passed the Wyandotte Art Fair was buzzing with people like it always does, and vendors were scurrying around to sell their goods, foods, or pass out information about their causes.

It is always fun to see families enjoying themselves, coming to our booth to talk to us, and tell us about their experiences.  A beautiful young woman stopped by to sign our “Petition Against Dismemberment” and said as a young woman she had an abortion and has lived to regret it every day – as she became older, wiser, and found forgiveness through her new found belief in Jesus.

One doesn’t always recognize the difference in life that they make.  Every time someone walked by, even if they didn’t stop, but just gave me a “thumb’s up”, it brightened my day and made me so happy that I volunteered to work at the booth.

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