Young Men Proudly Wear the Hezbollah and Palestinian Terror Flag in Central London Without Fear of Arrest.



Hezbollah and Palestine supporters staged a sit-down protest that brought part of central London to a standstill on Sunday afternoon (June 18, 2017). 

“Hezbollah supporters call for Israel’s annihilation at London rally. A few hundred people marched down Regent Street, behind the Palestinian and Hezbollah terror flag, before staging a sit-down protest on Oxford Street…

Speaking to Jewish News after addressing the counter-demonstration in Grosvenor Square, Matthew  Offord MP condemned the flying of Hezbollah flags in Central London.


He said: “There are Hezbollah flags being flown. When they were flown in 2015, outside Number 10 (Downing Street – office of the Prime Minister), I spoke with the then Home Secretary who agreed with me, that as Hezbollah is proscribed under the Terrorism Act, they should not be doing so.

The Police have a different legal opinion, and they feel that the political wing of Hezbollah is different from the paramilitary wing, and as such they allow them to do so.”

Addressing what action he think can be taken, Offord, who was re-elected in Hendon two weeks ago, said: “I’m going to continue to press the new HS to have this proscribed under the terrorism act, so that Hezbollah flags, as with ISIS flags (also should include the terror flag of Hamas), should not be flown on the streets of London.” 

While multiculturalism may sound good on the surface because it acknowledges various cultures, it tends to separate, not bring together people with different ethnocentric ideology.  One only has to look at Europe, and the multiple terror attacks in London, to see the harmful affects of multiculturalism, rather than assimilation.

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