Upper Downriver Right to Life – Life Walk 6/3/27

This year’s June Life Walk was a wonderful success.  Good weather, good fellowship,  and a walk from Calvary Lutheran Church in Lincoln Park, past Bethel Assembly of God, and a tour through our local Crisis Pregnancy Center,  led by Ed Kroll.  Dr. Russ Bone welcomed us, and Doug  Thomas led us in prayer at the Church of Christ. We received many “thumbs up” and horn toots as we walked along Fort Street, and ending with an indoor picnic at the starting point.

The two winning Bill Board  Contest submissions were honored and given their $500 award, and it was wonderful to see how many submissions we had in the 13 – 24 age group.  We also had the winner of our last Oratory Contest present, Michael Carzon, who read his winning speech, which was then followed up by Dan McGuire winning a metal and award for bringing in the most contributions.

In total we had 156 who participated in donations, and twenty six walkers.




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