Michigan “Choose Life License Plate Bill”


Once again we can “Choose Life” by supporting and encouraging Senator Patrick Colbeck as he proceeds with his Bill to make this license plate available to all of us. Please watch the video to hear how and why he believes this is another good move to help both babies and their moms, as they go through unplanned pregnancies.

The cost of this license plate would be a “choice” at the extra cost of $35.00, $25.00 which would go for the care and support of the needs of woman who are pregnant, such a local Crisis Pregnancy Centers, and financial help, and $10.00 for the cost of producing the license plate itself.

This video shows Senator Colbeck at a session in front of the Transportation Committee in Lansing, Michigan.

Please help us make a Choose Life Michigan license plate a reality.  Join the new Facebook page to promote passage, and share it on social media, and with your friends, family, and neighbors:


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