Action for Today on Hearings for Neil Gorsuch


Today’s the day! Hearings are scheduled to begin at 11 a.m. Your task this week is to encourage your members to support the Gorsuch nomination on social media, or e-mail if they aren’t on social networks. Here are some sample suggestions for messages:

Facebook #1:

I think Neil Gorsuch is a good pick. He’s well qualified, and he will respect the rule of law. In our country the voters and their elected representatives are supposed to be writing laws, not biased judges using their own personal opinions.

Facebook #2:

Senate Democrats have a history of badly mistreating judicial nominees or filibustering them, simply because they disagree about the role of judges. Judge Neil Gorsuch respects the rule of law and is well qualified for the Supreme Court, he deserves a fair hearing.

Twitter #1:

Judge Neil Gorsuch is well qualified and deserves a fair hearing in the Senate, not a filibuster #SCOTUS #Gorsuch

Twitter #2:

America deserves Supreme Court justices like Neil Gorsuch. He respects the rule of law & democratic process #SCOTUS #Gorsuch

RLM will be active on social media throughout the week and we’ll keep you informed of any developments. We’ll also be sharing the attached graphics, feel free to do so yourself or share them from our page when we post them. Here’s the schedule for the hearings if everything runs smoothly:

  • Monday: Opening statements from senators and Gorsuch
  • Tuesday: Gorsuch testimony/questions
  • Wednesday: Gorsuch testimony/questions
  • Thursday: Testimony from others

 A vote is hoped to take place in the first week of April before the Easter recess.

Chris Gast
Director of Communication/Education | 616-532-2300


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