Soul Enters Egg at the Moment of Conception

Northwestern University in Chicago, while experimenting with fertilizing eggs for invitro fertilization, shows a “SPARK OF LIFE” as soon as the sperm enters the egg when a flash of zinc can be seen.  Experiments were published in April, 2016 in the Journal of Scientific Reports. Journal of Scientific Reports.

Although there are ethical problems for a lot of people when it comes to invitro fertilization, at least now people have some scientific proof of when a new life begins. I couldn’t help but wonder if these experiments also have shown why there are miscarriages.  I am sure skeptics will most likely say this isn’t “proof at all”, but just a chemical reaction, but those of us who believe that life begins at conception will find this in line with our religious beliefs. Just as God creates all things, He also creates the chemical reaction, a sign of a new life forming.

There are a lot of YouTube videos and articles on the internet if you would like to learn more about “The SPARK OF LIFE”.

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