“Another Little One’s Gone”

If this song touched your heart, please consider joining a local Pro-Life group, or at the very least share the information on social media, and encourage those that work so hard to continue their “cause”.  We must all stand, work, and pray together so NOT “Another Little One’s Gone”.

Even if you don’t have the time or desire to attend monthly meetings, groups like ours have many local events or actions that you can take from home.  It may be as simply giving us a “thumbs up” at a local parade, visit us at a local Art Fair where we always have a booth, watch our high school students compete in an Oratory and/or Infographic Contest, volunteer in our March for Life or Life Chain, or when doing your spring cleaning, give a local group items to sell that you no longer want or need so proceeds can go to a local Crisis Pregnancy Center.

We often post Petitions or respectfully ask people to participate in our work, which I always will post here on the blog, such as our 4 week campaign to try to help Judge Neil Gorsuch get confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice. Yesterday we just asked people to share a video on Facebook, and for the next three Mondays we will be providing information to e-mail, call, or fax your local representatives, and other easy to do things that help our fight for LIFE!

Like us on Facebook – Upper Downriver Right to Life.

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