The photo is Emmanuel Lughermo, a Guadalupe Worker, and one of our very active members at Upper Downriver Right to Life a/k/a Wyandotte Right to Life, along with the precious baby who’s mother chose LIFE.  Even in a photograph, you can see the love that Emmanuel (Manny) has for this precious baby.

(Excerpts from Guadalupe Workers’ Newsletter)

“No matter how much the Workers might spend in helping mothers obtain housing, or food, or heat, or running water, those corporal acts lose their heart if they are divorced from the fundamental affirmation, which must precede each. We help because we affirm. We affirm the individual, unrepeatable dignity of mother and child – a dignity most directly assaulted, for both mother and child, at the abortion mill. Cursed is the fruit of your womb, says the man with the scalpel……The sidewalk counseling is the heart of our work, but is not the extent of our work. Every now and then there is a mother who, in the last critical moments, refuses to give up on herself or on what she has created. Some of those mothers simply smile and leave. Others ask for our help. Recently, for example, we met an African woman who, while supporting herself with a part-time job at Menards, also sends money to her family in Africa. In the final moments of our meeting, we were only a few feet from the door of Summit; it seemed she was going to enter, but she cried and admitted she did not want to kill her child. Finally, Alicia said, “Come on, let’s go to breakfast,” and she did. Later in the day we helped her to purchase winter clothes and groceries, and set up a plan for ongoing assistance with rent.”

Please send all correspondence and/or support for the Guadalupe Workers to: 67919 8 Mile Rd., South Lyon, MI.


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