Christmas Caroling for Pro-Life


Dear Defenders of the Unborn:

There are at least three Christmas caroling events taking place at abortion clinics in the Detroit Metro Area. This is an opportunity to give that public witness in this Holy Season at places that really need need it!

Dates for caroling at the Planned Parenthood abortion center in Ann Arbor are this Saturday, Dec. 17th and again, Dec. 31st– and caroling will also take place Dec. 24th at Northland Family Planning in Southfield. See all details below!!

BUT FEEL FREE to Plan your own pro-life caroling event at abortion clinics not yet covered! There’s still time!!! You can see how to do it by clicking the link to the Pro-life Action League that is below!!

What: Join PEACE IN THE WOMB Christmas Caroling
Where: Planned Parenthood Abortion Center, 3100 Professional Dr., Ann Arbor, MI.
Why: To honor prenatal children who were not welcomed into our world
To remind the public that Jesus Christ brings mercy and peace
When: Sat., Dec. 17th at Planned Parenthood and again Dec. 31st

Please Contact Paul and Kathy Dobrowolski
Directly at: with Questions!

Info for Caroling at Northland Family Planning, 24500 Evergreen, Southfield, MI:
On December 24th at 10 a.m., we will gather in the public area outside Northland Family Planning to sing Christmas Carols in the presence of an empty manger to remember those children who are not here to celebrate Christmas with us. The caroling is a very moving, yet joy-filled experience as we remember God’s great love for us. This is an opportunity to spend some time with the kindest, gentlest people on the planet (aka pro-lifers). Plus we will have hot chocolate and Christmas cookies afterwards. May God bless you.

What: Christmas Carols at the Empty Manger
Where: Northland Family Planning abortion center, 24500 Evergreen Rd., Southfield
Why: To honor prenatal children who were not welcomed into our world
To remind the public that Jesus Christ brings mercy and peace
When: Christmas Eve morning : 10 a.m .- 11 a.m. December 24, 2016

Why Northland Family Planning? Because this abortion chain commits the lion’s share of abortions in the State of Michigan and aggressively promotes its “services”. The level of carnage is comparable to what Dr. Hodari had at Womancare in 2008.
Please park in the large lot north of Tapestry Hall out of respect for any holiday festivities the Hall may be hosting on Christmas Eve. Tapestry Hall has been very gracious to us and I hope you will consider them for any special events you may have in the future.

Any questions or comments, please call or email me.
Barb Yagley (248) 703-3577

Victory for the unborn! You’re saving lives | CONCERNED WOMEN FOR AMERICA

Victory for the unborn! You’re saving lives.  On November 28, Penny Nance met with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to discuss one of your top priorities: defending the unborn.We quickly affirmed that Concerned Women for America (CWA) and Congressional conservatives are united in our commitment to defund Planned Parenthood and send your tax dollars to local healthcare clinics instead.Watch this video to see your CWA in action!

Source: Victory for the unborn! You’re saving lives | CONCERNED WOMEN FOR AMERICA

Call to Action on Standing Rock Pipeline


Early Monday news – I love that the Veterans going to Standing Rock seemed to make a difference. It is about time that so many other people are standing with the Sioux tribe. It is way past time. I’ll be keeping my eye on the breaking news today to see if the people will be leaving as asked, or if they will remain to keep up the pressure. The Corp of Engineers has said they would not try to force people to leave, but thousands want to stay to make sure their voices are finally heard.

The Governor of the state apparently is fighting this, stating this “is a serious mistake”, so for all you activists out there, please call, e-mail, fax, or write the Governor Jack Dalrymple, 600 E. Blvd., Bismarck, ND 58505-0001,Fax: (701) 328-2205, Phone: (701) 328-2200, e-mail: Send the info to your friends, and post it on Twitter and any blogs or websites you have.

I’m not liking the little I know of what the Trump administration may do, but I’m holding back any opinion until he is in office and I know more about his plan for “privatization”, which from past history doesn’t work out too good for the Native American community. It could very well mean more land being taken away from them, so now it is a “wait and see” game, but for the time being, the pipeline appears it will be redirected away from Sacred ground and the water supply at Standing Rock.

To see this morning news report on the latest facts, click on

ALERT – Call Your MI Representative No Later Than Monday, December 5.


This Capitol Notes may be forwarded to all email lists or posted on social media, websites, etc., in its entirety.

December 2, 2016


Before the Thanksgiving holiday we sent out the alert to begin calls to state representatives in Lansing regarding Senate Bills 564 & 565 that would prohibit any money being provided to abortionists for supplying the organs and tissue of aborted babies. As we learned from the Center for Medical Progress videos, the federal law banning the sale of organs and tissues has a loophole allowing the payment of “procurement fees” to abortionists.  That loophole became the opening for selling organs and tissue.

SB 564-565 will put into Michigan law that no money – in fact nothing of any financial value – can be provided to an abortionist, clinic or its staff in exchange for fetal organs or tissue. No “procurement fees,” no perks or other inducements… NOTHING!

The House Health Policy Committee is scheduled to report the bills to the House floor this coming Tuesday, December 6. Thereafter the bills will be pending for a vote by the entire House. There are only two weeks remaining in this year’s legislative session and passage of the bills in the House will send the bills to Gov. Snyder.  This is the home stretch.

Please continue to generate calls and emails to state representatives in Lansing urging their support of SB 564 & 565. The message:  “Vote YES on SB 564 & 565 – Ban the sale of aborted children’s bodies.”

Laura Hammes
Admin. Asst./Educational Coordinator | 517-487-3376