Upper Downriver Right to Life at Wyandotte Cookie Crawl

The third Friday in November event this year was bustling with music, the lighting of Christmas trees, the laughter and talking between couples and families as they walked from one business to another and listened to a DJ, and danced in the heated tent on First and Elm Street. People purchased a cookie tin and filled it with delicious cookies of all kinds, going from one store to another and from one booth to another to get a different kind of cookie from the Jo Brighton Bakery. To learn more about the Jo Brighton Program, click on: http://www.blessingsinabackpackmi.org

Our volunteers helped work at the Right to Life table inside the heated tent, selling tee shirts, children’s books written by a previous Wyandotte resident, Emily Grace (Bloomfield) Ortega, music books full of Christmas Carols, Christmas tree ornaments, pro-life license plates, and Christmas cards created by the winners of our recent Christmas Card Contest, as well as a few other items.

We had our display of rubberized babies showing the progression of growth inside the womb, set up and needless to say, had an opportunity to talk to many, many people about pro-life.  The children were so excited to be able to hold the babies at different stages of development.  So many moms were eager to tell their little ones that
“this is the size you were at one time while you were in my tummy”.

One story that touched me the most was a mom with her twelve year old daughter (who originally thought that abortion was okay), had her daughter look at the various stages of growth and explained to her how the baby before it was born was a human child that felt pain, and was very much alive even though it wasn’t born yet.  As facts were explained to this young girl about when the heart begin to beat, when the baby had lifelong fingerprints already developed, etc., you could see it in her eyes that the reality of life became apparent and I believe she walked away with a different feeling about abortion vs life.


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