Republicans Ignoring Voter Fraud in Michigan

Loretta Lynch of the Department of Justice announced today that they will be cutting back on the observers of the polls this election. One can only wonder why????  See the video below to see why observers/challengers should be increased, not decreased.

In the meantime, the International Observers will still be present at the voting polls.  The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) has 56 participating states from Europe, Central Asia and North America, including the United States and Canada. It has assessed elections in the United States since 2002. The observers, from countries such as Germany, France, Serbia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, will observe voting at polling places and other political activity. Monitors do not directly prevent electoral fraud, but rather record and report such instances.

It is amazing to me that Russia is being blamed for hacking our government, yet they will be monitoring our polling sites.

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