Hurricane Hillary is a comin’

A Heapin' Plate of Conservative Politics & Religion

By Tom Quiner


Barack Obama was an affirmative-action president.

He had a thin resumé and mysterious past. But he was Black and cool, or as Joe Biden clumsily said, “clean.”

The mainstream media (MSM) went all in for him, pointedly downplaying his resumé and mysterious past at the same time they dug into Sara Palin’s, and later Mitt Romney’s, for any dirt they could find. The media bias was unprecedented.

It had an impact on the Republicans.

Knowing that the media had his back, Obama was brazen in his trampling of the Constitution. For example, he refused to comply with the War Powers Act when bombing Libya.

He refused to enforce Congressional provisions in Obamacare because he didn’t like them.

He forced Universities to ignore Constitutionally-enacted procedural protections in the case of sexual assault allegations.

He casually brushed aside the IRS scandal and didn’t indict anyone.

He trampled on bankruptcy…

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