Announcing!–Important Picket of Detroit Abortion Clinic August 20th Details Here

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Dear Defenders of Life—Citizens for a Pro-Life Society with Pro-life Detroit Plans Major Picket of Detroit Abortion Clinic.  Please make plans to attend this very important—and frankly RARE picket of a Detroit abortion center— Namely the:

Summit Medical Center at 15801 W McNichols Rd, Detroit, MI 48235 (at McNichols and Forrer St., east of Southfield Rd. (M39)

Saturday, August 20, 8am to 10am
PARKING AVAILABLE ON McNichols Ave. and also on side streets north of McNichols.

Why picket this clinic?– well, in some ways we may ask WHY NOT? It’s an abortion clinic!

However, Summit has a recent history of botched 2nd trimester abortions, kills upwards of 40 babies every week, feeds off the desperation of African American women, employs abortionist Reginald Sharpe who botched a 23 week abortion when moonlighting for abortionist Jacob Kalo, Sharpe threw aborted babies into the dumpster of his clinic in Livonia (those babies are buried at Assumption Grotto Parish cemetery), a woman died after having an abortion at his now closed-Detroit clinic, AND add to this the fact that Summit uses pro-abortion escorts and a very aggressive security guard to intimidate and thwart the life-saving efforts of sidewalk counselors!!

Let’s be there August 20th with a huge pro-life turn-out—and witness to the sanctity of human life !!

Spread the word about this– POST on your FACEBOOK page– bring signs:



See this video below:

and we’ll see you there. God bless you all– Monica of CPLS

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