Las Vegas Proves the Corruption in Politics and the Media

Angie Morelli is much more than an activist, “she is a true leader with a vision of inclusion and a true commitment to the under-represented and under-served….She has shown character, integrity and compassion throughout this process and has schooled many, especially those who continue to underestimate her”,  as stated by her followers.

I know most people that visit my blog are Republicans because of my strong stance on pro-life, but don’t think for a moment that this same thing isn’t happening on both sides of the fence. Look how Romney and others are working hard to get a third party candidate and refusing to live up to their pledge to endorse whoever wins (if they can’t keep their word in this instance, than why should we believe anything they have to say), to spend their money on PACs against Trump, or the back door meetings of Cruz and Kasich to stop Trump from getting the 1237 delegates he needed. The crowds that Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump get are the voices that want to be heard, and despite the differences in ideology, they both want campaign contribution reforms, and they both want to stop TPP, and they both are in favor of our gun rights, and we have to keep trying because it is time for people to fight the establishment.  Is it easy, ABSOLUTELY NOT, when we are dealing with an establishment on both sides of the isle with millions upon millions of dollars to keep us quiet, no matter how they have to do it, or no matter what they have to  say to get their way.

Colorado GOP Delegate Removed From Ballots For Supporting Trump


Knowing the truth about what happened in Vegas and seeing what the media has been reporting on various channels, is a disgrace that this is just a few of honest stories being told. To hear the various news channels, they were more interested in raising their ratings by describing this incident as violent and chaotic, and refused to tell the truth about what made this a story – the corruption in politics, and just how in bed the news media is with the establishment. Roberta Lange as chair of the state party convention tried to make herself look like the victim, when it was her and others who did everything possible to lock out the voices of the Sander’s people, and then backed by Barbara Boxer and Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

The woman who took and posted the original video showing the raised chair that Angie and Debbie (the above video) spoke of, has offered to talk to any media that will listen, NONE HAVE.  Sanders supporters have now promised to donate $100 to Clinton’s campaign or vote for her in California if anyone can produce video evidence of the phantom chair throwing. To listen to the news and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, it sounded like chairs were being thrown willy nilly everywhere, and threats that that occurred at the convention turned out to be a few words written in sidewalk chalk that were of a statement, not a threat, which was washed away by the Sander’s group.

The Republican party is no stranger to corruption and many Republican politicians have been found guilty in a court of law on various charges, as have Democratic politicians. Since the United States is based on the rule of law, it’s crucially important that it’s political leaders uphold the laws of the land, but most of our trusted leaders went from beloved figures to crooked politicians in no time out of their greed for money and power.

Every politician accepts campaign contributions from special interest groups – if they want to keep their jobs – they have to keep their donors happy, with the exceptions being in 2016 of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.  In that sense all politicians are corrupt, and we can all suspect both parties are equally crooked.

Corruption is a fact of politics, and has been for centuries going back to the Greeks and Romans, and we will probably always have it, no matter what names the parties choose to call themselves – democrats, republicans, libertarians, independents, or even socialists. The only real difference between any of them is found in the ideology promoted.

No matter what side you are on, you have to voice your opinion and stand for what is right according to your convictions. It is amazing what one person can do. That being said, it makes me think of the quote “I looked around and wondered why someone wasn’t doing something, then I realized I was someone.”

In the light of transparency, Angie is my granddaughter. I’m as conservative as can be while Angie is as liberal as she can be. I’m a die hard republican and Angie is obviously a die hard democrat, but instead of fighting with one another, we have chosen to learn to agree to disagree, and in doing so, we both try to show respect to the other person for their opinions, thoughts, and beliefs. If everyone thought, felt, believed and spoke the same, this world would become a pretty boring place. It is so easy to dislike someone who thinks different than us, but different doesn’t necessarily mean bad, it just means different.  Neither of us believe in violence, and we also agree that how the media and both political parties use it as a tool to promote their side, their ratings is WRONG.

Arsonist Destroys St Vincent de Paul Donation Bins containing 1,500 pounds of clothing and household goods

Charity asking the public for donations to support those in need

 Three St Vincent de Paul donation bins containing over 1,500 pounds of donated clothing and household goods were destroyed by fire, determined by police to be caused by arson, at the St Vincent de Paul Thrift Store and Donation Center located at  – 3760 Fort Street, Lincoln Park, MI 48146.    St Vincent de Paul staff saw the burnt and destroyed bins when they came to open for business today.     

“The St Vincent de Paul family is feeling blessed that nobody was hurt and that the store did not catch on fire,” said spokesperson Michelle St. Pierre, “however, we estimate several thousand dollars of donated goods along with the bins were destroyed and we’re asking the public to help us in restoring the lost items.”   

St Vincent de Paul is accepting gently used clothing and household goods at any of their 11  Thrift Stores and Donation Centers.  Monetary donations can be made at  A  list of all store and donation centers for drop offs of goods can be found at  

A police report has been filed with the Lincoln Park police, who state the fire was arson.   St Vincent De Paul is waiting to receive the fire department report as the arson took place last night and the Lincoln Park fire department responded at that time.

About St Vincent de Paul:  For over 130 years, St. Vincent de Paul has provided vital services in Southeast Michigan, including food, shelter, medical and dental care, utility assistance, disaster relief and emergency support.  Additionally, SVdP operates 11 thrift stores throughout the community and provides outreach programs to the youth and elderly including Camp Ozanam and the Matchan Nutrition Center. SVdP assists more than 300,000 households annually. To learn more, call 877 ST VINCE (788-4623) or visit

Hillary Clinton: ‘Religious Beliefs Have to Be Changed’ to Accommodate Abortion


The truth about Hillary Clinton and her agenda when it comes to abortion, equal pay for women, the Clinton Foundation, and corruption.

According to Joel Gehrke, a political reporter for National Review,  ‘Hillary Clinton said she believes that “religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed” to expand access to abortion.”

 “Hillary Clinton doesn’t believe unborn children should have any Constitutional rights — so it should come as no surprise to pro-life voters that she laughed, stood by and said nothing as someone introducing her at a campaign rally removed “Under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance.  During an interview on The View recently Hillary Clinton said an unborn child just hours before delivery has no Constitutional rights.  Her comments came just days after Clinton said in a speech given on April 3, “Unborn children simply do not have any Constitutional rights, which would include the right to life”.  While Mrs. Clinton may be stating the law correctly,  she also strongly supports the law as it is, instead of including those not yet born, even past the point of viability or up to the date of natural delivery.  This is the ongoing battle between pro-life and pro-choice.  Pro-life believes the law SHOULD give Constitutional rights to the unborn child from the moment of conception.

“The unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights,” Clinton said, adding that “the woman’s right to make decisions” is the be all and end all when it comes to abortion.

Shosanna Weissman of the Weekly Standard was surprised that Clinton used the term “person” since most abortion advocates never refer to unborn children with any reference to their humanity.   Oftentimes, when talking about a woman’s right to choose, pro-choicers will use terminology that suggests the unborn is not a person or human, but a “fetus”, or even worse “just a clump of cells”.

In May 2015, the U.S. House passed the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act to protect unborn babies 20 weeks and older from excruciating late abortions. In addition to a statement slamming House lawmakers for advancing the bill, Clinton and her staff insisted that doctors were wrong and there is no scientific evidence that babies can feel pain.  There is more than adequate scientific proof that unborn babies do in fact feel pain. (ONE CAN ONLY ASSUME THAT MRS. CLINTON ONLY CONFERS WITH ABORTIONIST DOCTORS AND/OR WITH PLANNED PARENTHOOD.)

Clinton has said more taxpayer money needs to go to the Planned Parenthood abortion business and Clinton demonstrated her unyielding commitment to abortion and the Planned Parenthood abortion business, accepting their endorsement during a pro-abortion rally — saying she would be the abortion business’ president.” (ISN’T A PRESIDENT SUPPOSE TO BE THE LEADER OF “ALL” PEOPLE, NOT JUST WHO THEY PICK AND CHOOSE  OR WHAT THEY INDIVIDUALLY BELIEVE?  SHE IS SOUNDING MORE LIKE MARGARET SANGER EVERY DAY.)

“The first order of business for Clinton and her friends at the abortion company is to force Americans to pay for abortions with their tax dollars by attempting to overturn the Hyde Amendment, which has protected Americans from funding most all abortions since the late 1970s. Upheld by the Supreme Court, the Hyde Amendment is now a target of abortion advocates who have moved from pro-choice to pro-abortion — forcing Americans not only to accept unlimited abortions before birth but to pay for them.”


While Senator of New York, from 2002 to 2008, the median annual salary for Mrs. Clinton’s staff for females staffers was $15,708.38 less than what was paid to men. Women earned a slightly higher median salary than men in 2005, coming in at $1.04. But in 2006, they earned 65 cents for each dollar men earned, and in 2008, they earned only 63 cents on the dollar.  A staffer’s salary is wholly determined by the member of Congress for whom he or she works, although the staffer salary is capped. As a result, staffer pay can vary widely.

While Secretary of State (2009 – 2013), men were paid  $16,000 more on average in annual salary than women, according to data from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).  Although the Federal government has the final say on White House staff, the total spending on salaries is determined by Congress, which has to approve the annual White House budget. Mrs. Clinton may not have had much input into men vs. women’s pay when it came to staffers such as herself, or if it was equal during the time she was Secretary of State, but is obvious that the status quo of men being paid more than women still remained the same, but having said that, the Clinton Foundation pays male executives thirty eight percent (38%) more than women (HAS CLINTON REALLY BEEN FIGHTING FOR EQUAL PAY, AND HAS IT BEEN THROUGHOUT THE YEARS AS SHE WOULD HAVE US BELIEVE?  IF SO, HOW CAN HER DECISION TO PAY HER FEMALE STAFF LESS WHILE BEING IN THE SENATE, AND IN THE CLINTON FOUNDATION BE JUSTIFIED WITH HER RHETORIC?)



Between 2009 and 2012, the Clinton Foundation raised over $500 million dollars according to a review of IRS documents  (2008 through 2012). A measly 15 percent of that, or $75 million, went towards programmatic grants. More than $25 million went to fund travel expenses. Nearly $110 million went toward employee salaries and benefits, and a whopping $290 million during that period — nearly 60 percent of all money raised — was classified merely as “other expenses.” If you define “actual charities not controlled by the Clintons” as “programmatic grants,” then it appears the number is 15%, with 85% staying with the foundation itself:. The Clinton Foundation may well be saving lives, but it seems odd that the costs of so many life-saving activities would be classified by the organization itself as just random, miscellaneous expenses, and that it would be refiling its tax returns for the last five years because it had improperly failed to disclose millions of dollars in donations from foreign sources while Hillary Clinton was serving as Secretary of State. The organization’s own tax filings contradict the claim of “charity”. because the IRS 990 forms submitted by the Clinton Foundation include a specific and detailed accounting of these programmatic expenses. In the chart below, you can see where only ten percent (10%) went to charity in 2013, down by five percent (5%) in previous years.

Through 2014 the foundation had raised almost $2 billion from U.S. corporations especially Wall Street; foreign governments and corporations; political donors; and various other money interests.  (FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS THAT ABUSE, TORTURE AND STONE WOMEN TO DEATH – SO MUCH FOR HER CARING ABOUT WOMEN AND CHILDREN.)

In her 30+ years in politics, where was her outcry (except in words in order to get votes), where was her work to create change, and why should ANYONE believe anything she feels she has to say now in order to win the upcoming election?


Right to Life of Michigan Youth Infographic Contest


Sample of an Infographic

The annual Youth Infographic Contest is for high school and college aged Michigan youth, ages 13 to 22.   An Infographic is a graphic or visual representation of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly. Contest finalists will have their work shared on Right to Life of Michigan’s Facebook page, where the public will like and share the Infograhic to help determine the winners. The deadline for submission of their creative and original Infographic is Tuesday, July 5, 2016.  The contest winner will receive a prize of $500.

There are tons of free Infographic templates and programs on the internet to help create Infographics, as well as YouTube videos on how to create them.  Resources for information can be found at


2015 contest results were  senior division winner, Lucy Bratton from Ann Arbor. The junior division was Monica Ruiz from Davisburg.

To see last years Infographics, click on:

#BoycottTarget petitions delivered: Read Target’s response

It has already started – young girls and women being assaulted, filmed, and sexually abused in transgender bathrooms, locker rooms, and in showers. Case after case is appearing with comments from predators like “it is legal for me to be in here.”  Friends are already posting or sending me newspaper clippings about local stories.

Is there anyone who didn’t actually think that sexual perverts would see this law as a gateway to their own instant gratification needs?  Big business can afford to have Unisex Bathrooms. That certainly does not solve the problem with the locker room and showers, but that is another subject that I’ve posted before, and this will keep on being a subject of contention for a long time to come.

#BoycottTarget petitions delivered: Read Target’s response

Source: #BoycottTarget petitions delivered: Read Target’s response

Upcoming Guadalupe Workers Monthly Meeting with the Girls that Chose Life!

St. Leo Roman Catholic Church - Detroit

St. Leo Roman Catholic Church

Dear Friends,

I am hoping that you all would be willing and able to help us in our next Speaker Event at St. Leo’s.  It will take place on Saturday May 21st, at 1:00 pm, at 4860 15th St., Detroit, MI
(313) 894-0357.

Our Speaker is Sr. Anne Shields and I hope we can get as many mothers as possible to come. It would be so great for them, and along with a speaker, we give the girls baby supplies and food.  It is a fun filled day for the mother’s and their babies and gives us the opportunity to see how they’re doing. Sr. Ann Shields is on radio daily.

If you are currently in contact with a mother, please invite them. Tell them that this is a great speaker. Let me know if they are coming, and please let me know if you can help us that day. You can contact us at:

Below is a video of Sister Anne Shields:

If you would like to listen to daily podcasts of Sr. Anne Shields, please go to the following link, where you will find an archive of each program.




May 13th picket of Planned Parenthood– !!

Dear Defenders of Life–  Make plans to participate in the NEXT demonstration in protest of Planned Parenthood–  as this pro-death organization celebrates 100 years of lies and death during their May 13th GALA event.


The Pro-Life demonstration–sponsored by Citizens for a Pro-Life Society and Pro-Life Detroit begins at 5:30 SHARP and will go until 7 PM  —   Friday,May 13th.    Please arrive before 5:30 so we can all be in place by then!

Gather at  Jefferson Avenue and  Renaissance Dr W, Detroit, MI 48243   Just down the block from the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center.  Here is the Google Maps Link:,-83.0400791,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x2e2af1d880fbd4df

 Please be a part of this–  we need people to be OUT THERE !!