We Stand With Pro-Life Hero, David Daleiden


On Friday, April 29, a wonderful event by Citizens for a Pro-Life Society was held at Christ the King Church in Ann Arbor, MI. (See videos below).

After a time to mingle in the reception area to see the tables that were set up, foods to enjoy, we listened to a forty five minute concert by world renowned musician, Eric Genuis, and than we had a speech and Question and Answer period with David.

I’ll just give a few highlights of the story behind David because most pro-lifers already know and understand what is behind his arrest and legal battles over the videos he made of Planned Parenthood’s selling of baby body parts. David and another pro-life activist, Sandra Merritt, were indicted for going undercover showing an interest in wanting to buy body parts and to expose Planned Parenthood for what it really is. Bail was posted on these bogus charges, but the lawsuits are ongoing.  Instead of prosecuting Planned Parenthood for selling aborted baby parts, Daleiden was indicted for wanting to buy them.  An attorney for Planned Parenthood has reported that the grand jury never even voted on the charges against his client.

Harris County District Attorney, Devon Anderson, has defended her indictment of pro-life advocate, David Daleiden, despite the fact that a Planned Parenthood abortion business board members works as a prosecutor in her office. New information shows Anderson’s campaign received more than $25,000 from the attorney who works for a late-term abortionist. Since the indictment, Anderson is facing criticism over her failure to prosecute an abortionist known as the Kermit Gosnell of Houston.

The Life Legal Defense Foundation, one of the pro-life legal groups assisting Daleiden, told LifeNews: “Anderson disregarded both state and federal fetal trafficking laws prohibiting the sale of aborted babies for profit and closed the investigation into PPGC without filing charges against the Planned Parenthood affiliate. Instead, she charged David with the very crime committed by Planned Parenthood.”

Authorities seized a laptop and multiple hard drives from Daleiden’s Orange County apartment, Daleiden said in an email. The equipment contained all of the video Daleiden had filmed as part of his 30-month project, “including some very damning footage that has yet to be released to the public,” he said.  According to Daleiden, agents left behind documents that he contends implicate Planned Parenthood in illegal behavior related to the handling of fetal tissue.  Center for Medical Progress spokesman Peter Robbio confirmed the social media posting is authentic, but he declined further comment.  His post Tuesday called the raid an “attack on citizen journalism” and said he will “pursue all remedies to vindicate our First Amendment rights.”

StemExpress,  one of the bioservice companies brought up in this tragedy, made a Statement Regarding April 20 House Select Investigative Panel Hearing.  “StemExpress has worked diligently to respond to myriad requests from the Select Investigative Panel of the House Energy & Commerce Committee (“Select Panel”), which has focused its attention on the use of fetal tissue in research….To see their products and services (including what is called “fetal tissue”,  read:


I’ve included two videos, but reversed their order for those who are only interested in hearing what David had to say.

One thing that people may not know is that David’s life started out with the help of a Crisis Pregnancy Center.  This certainly had an impact on him and undoubtedly led to his interest in his “cause”.

The following video shows the various tables set up, the food, the attendance, and just one of the many beautiful pieces of music composed by Eric Genuis.

To contact Eric Genuis about his beautiful music, his website is www.ericgenuis.com.  Mr. Genuis is beyond fantastic.  His music resonates with a person’s soul – music the language of the universe.  Watching his hands playing the piano is like watching an artist painting a masterpiece, gliding and forming the most beautiful movements of creation.

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