10th Annual Building Bridges to a Culture of Life Prolife Youth Conference


Saturday April 9th ~ Mercy High School, Noon to 7:00pm ~ Concert 7-9:30pm


  • $20 – Includes dinner, concert and tee shirt
  • $15 Groups in advance ~ $10 Concert only

Planned for the youth by the youth the conference goal is to inspire and equip youth to be leaders for the Culture of Life, and to be instruments of God’s Mercy during this Jubilee Year of Mercy.

“Let us open our eyes and see the wounds of our brothers and sisters who are denied their dignity, and let us recognize that we are compelled to heed their cry for help.” – Pope Francis.

The conference features:

  • Dynamic and motivating keynote speakers
  • Breakout sessions on variety of LIFE topics
  • Personal testimonies of God’s unconditional love and mercy
  • Adoration and Confession throughout the day
  • Vigil Mass celebrated by Father Ryan Adams
  • Catered dinner and exhibits
  • DJ concert, dancing and refreshments

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“We hope to express to our peers the value and dignity of every human life …regardless of the circumstances of conception, age, gender or health, every person deserves to experience the enduring love of God”.

– Neal McCaffrey, Conference co-chair, Brother Rice Senior (Archdiocese of Detroit)


12:00 Registration & Visit Vendor Booths Adoration in chapel. Confession in lobby.
12:45 Opening Remarks with Student Co-Chairs Neal McCaffrey and Holly McGrath
Open the Eyes of my Heart Lord performed by Christopher Duffley
1:00-1:40 Keynote: Love Found Me Brice and Zoe Griffin
1:45-2:00 Keynote: ProLife—No Exceptions, No Compromise! Rebecca Kiessling
2:00-2:10 Trading my Sorrows Christopher Duffley
Choose 2 Breakout Sessions as presenters give us a 20 second highlight of their talk.
2:15-2:25 Visit Vendors and head to your 1st Breakout location.
2:25-3:00 Breakout Choice 1
1.  Patrick and Christina Jacobeen, Understanding the Church’s teaching on Same-Sex attraction: Looking at same sex attraction, the Church’s wisdom on marriage, and the call that we all have to Love.
2.  Brice and Zoe Griffin, Love Speaks Up: When your friends are pro-life warriors life is never dull. Mother and daughter Zoe,  share their adventures from Africa to Washington and ways to be a young pro-life witness.
3. Drama Rebecca Kiessling, Conceived in Rape, from Worthless to Priceless: Let Rebecca and her young children help put a face to those who Jesus would call the “least of these,” the so-called “hard cases” of rape, incest and special needs.
4. Beverly Dixon, Love on the Move: When a mobile ultrasound unit searches out Detroit women considering abortion no day is typical as God’s mercy, love and hope is extended.
5. Christine and Christopher Duffley, Saying Yes to God: Born prematurely, Christopher, now 14, through his musical talents, his joy for life, and his ‘yes’ in serving God, although blind, opens our eyes to Jesus.
6. Adam Trufant, Blue Jean Saints: issues an invitation to follow Pope Francis’ lead in living the joy of the Gospel in our beautiful and wild world!
7. Leyandria Murray, She Chose Life: Thank God her teen mom walked out of an abortion clinic and saved Leyandria’s life!  Support and resources for young, single mothers and their children is real women’s health care.
8. Christen Pollo and Panel, Apologetics in Action: How to Respond in Love: Learn how to talk about abortion effectively, lovingly, and in a way that is proven to change hearts. Discuss 3 of the most common pro-choice arguments.
9. Shane Dabney, Abortion and the Moral Act, Theology teacher gives criteria to understand moral acts applied to the concrete reality of abortion. Objections to pro-life arguments, ideas of personhood, free agency and sin will be examined. (High School)
10. Don DesNoyers, From Crisis to Hope, Chaplain at Common Ground raises awareness of mental health care. Remove the stigma that prevents us from asking for help. Information on suicide crisis text and chat lines—resources to hope. (High School)
11.Tracey Fish, What is Life? PA at Crossroads Pregnancy Center shows miracle and stages of pregnancy with data for the developing fetus through amazing pictures on the big screen. Help answer questions about when Life begins in the womb.
3:05-3:40 Breakout Choice 2 Confessions available. Adoration in chapel.
10 min. Vendor & Snack Break. Head to chastity presenters.
High School in Auditorium. Middle school in Drama Room.
3:50-4:40 Let God Plan your Love Story, Patrick and Christina Jacobeen —Auditorium
What Can I do when my Good isn’t good enough? Jeanne Marie Lampertius
Relationship: A Circle of Unconditional Love, Danielle Center and Adam Trufant (Middle school students — Drama Room)  On the joy of living life knowing our dignity and worth in Christ. You are fully loved and called to love!
4:45 Closing Remarks and Stretch
5:00 Praise and Worship led by Adam Trufant / Benediction — Auditorium
5:30 Sunday Vigil Mass
6:30 Dinner — Cafeteria
7:00-9:30 Live Band Veracity followed by DJ Dance (Epic Events)— Gym

Please bring a new baby item to share mercy and love with moms in need.


Please read the following letter and take immediate action!

April 3, 2016


I write today with a very serious message. As a Husband of 17 years, and a Father of seven children between the Age of 1 and 14 (two of whom are daughters) I wish all the information I am about to share with you was just a bad dream.  But it’s not – it’s all true.  Recently an Advisory Guidance on Gender Non-Conformance (GNC) was issued by the Michigan State Board of Education.  At first I was perplexed, and very unfamiliar with the term.  But I think when you hear all the facts, you will be as concerned as I am.

At its core, this Advisory Guidance does three things:

1.  It seeks to publish a Policy that goes beyond merely preventing discrimination, but rather, encourages confusion and redefines what we have known as biological Sex (Male or Female) by substituting Gender Identity and Expression.

2. Thusly redefined, all manner of “Identity” and “Expression” may now be freely substituted in the remaining analysis, Policy definitions and implementation.  This furthers the confusion, creating a sense of urgency to “fix” the problem that the redefinition, substitution, and confusion of terms has now created.  (Think, “Rules for Radicals”)

3.  Once this artificial confusion has led to artificial crisis, the final step is to unilaterally create new rules to fix the crisis created by the confusion.  These rules were not debated and passed in a legislative environment, signed in to law by the People’s representatives.  They were created by far removed Bureaucrats who apparently believe in social engineering.  The rules in this Guidance:

* Remove the Parent from being involved in the care and well-being of their child, placing the State as the ultimate decision maker. 

* Ignores both common-sense and the advice of the American College of Pediatricians 

* Creates an environment where use of bathrooms, locker-rooms, and other facilities, is not restricted to settled Biological Sex, but rather, to self-determined Gender Expression and Identity.  This in turn creates a legal exposure and even more hurdles for our school systems, that are trying to prioritize how to teach our children to read, write, and do arithmetic.

See the obvious issue?  We have enough challenges in assuring the safety and well-being of our children without this solution in search of a problem.

The chief proponent of this Guidance, State Board President, and Democrat, John Austin, was recently asked about the proposed Policy.  His response was outrageous.

From Complex.com:

“According to the State Board’s president, John C. Austin, this wouldn’t normally be fodder for national news coverage. But “somebody organized a national right-wing news blog to run a story designed purposely to whip up the Tea Party base and anti-Common Core crowd,” Austin told Complex over the phone.


So in the name of, purportedly, not marginalizing individuals, Mr. Austin, in one sweeping generalization, attempts to marginalize those of us who’s deeply held personal view have been completely ignored and disregarded in developing the Guidance in the first place?

I have to ask, once this is done, where do we draw the line?  If this is applicable to a tax-payer funded school building, why wouldn’t it be applicable to any tax-payer fund Arena or Venue?  And if those facilities, why not almost any facility used by the public – airports, community buildings, City Hall?  At what point, for logistical and legal and common-sense reasons, do we say ENOUGH?  None of us wishes or tolerates bullying or discrimination of a fellow human being.  Period.  But rather than address this problem, this Guidance multiplies discrimination against all those whose biology is settled.  It creates an environment where a 17-year-old boy can walk in to a girl’s restroom or shower with impunity.  And the boys parents, and the girls parents, are able to DO nothing about it, and worse, they can KNOW nothing about it either.

We can show compassion and love to all our neighbors and fellow citizens.  But if you’ve been a parent for more than 5 minutes, you know it’s not love to say “yes” to everything your child wants or asks for.  At some point you must show love by saying “No”.

Now is the time for all Michiganders to tell John Austin and the State Board of Education, “No”.

And thankfully we can still affect the outcome!  The period of public comment is now open.   Please take a minute let Chairman Austin and the State Board of Education know your opinion on this issue.  You can take a moment and email, or fax, or mail a note, using the contact information below.  For those of you who would like to call Chairman Austin directly on his cell phone, please email me and I will provide it to you.

From the State Board of Education website:

Input may be submitted online at the public comment site everyvoicecountsmi.org, by facsimile to 517-373-1233, or by surface mail to:

Kim Kovalchick, Supervisor
Michigan Department of Education
Coordinated School Health and Safety Programs unit
P.O. Box 30008
Lansing, MI 48909

Friends, this is NOT the time to sit back and hope for the best.  Now is the time to take ACTION!

Call or write John Austin and the State Board of Education today.  Tell them our teachers and families and schools have more important priorities, like improving reading and math scores, providing safe learning environments, and helping parents, not undermining their authority and ability to protect and care for their children.

Thank you for your attention and help with this important matter.  Time is of the essence, and if we work together, we can turn back this poorly crafted and misguided policy.



Dave Dishaw
Kent County
Husband, Father
Precinct Delegate

PS – As I teach my children, WORDS HAVE MEANING, and assumptive language is often a tool of those who see truth as relative.  See this excerpt from the Guidance, to better understand the confusion they have introduced:

A number of terms are used in this document that may not be commonly known. A short list of definitions is included below to facilitate a shared understanding. It is not an all-inclusive list.
• Biological sex assigned at birth—a person’s biological sex is a combination of bodily characteristics, including chromosomes, hormones, internal and external genitalia, and secondary sex characteristics. At birth, infants are assigned a sex, usually (assumptive language, emphasis mine) male or female, based solely (Again, assumptive language not based in fact, emphasis mine) on the appearance of their external anatomy.
• Gender identity—a person’s deeply held internal sense or psychological knowledge of their own gender, regardless of the biological sex they were assigned at birth.
• Gender expression—the manner in which a person represents or expresses gender to others, often through one’s name, pronouns, behavior, clothing, haircut, activities, voice, mannerisms, and other distinctive cultural markers of gender.
• Transgender—an adjective describing a person whose gender identity or expression is different from their biological sex assigned at birth.
• Gender nonconforming (GNC)—an umbrella term for people whose gender expression differs from stereotypical expectations of the biological sex they were assigned at birth. GNC people may identify as girls, boys, neither girls nor boys, or some other gender.  (Emphasis mine.  While we have empathy and compassion for all, this assumptive language indicates that Gender is relative, not fixed.  The document further prioritizes Identity and Gender above Biology, based on this assumptive language and relative definition.  Without this, no change in policy would be needed.)
• Sexual orientation—a person’s emotional, romantic, and/or sexual attraction to other people. Sexual orientation is not the same as gender identity.
• Questioning—a person’s process of exploring and discovering their own sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

Additional resources:





Guadalupe workers – Serving women with unplanned pregnancies in the Metro Detroit area.

(Excerpt from the Guadalupe Worker’s Newsletter)

“For example, there was Erika and Carlo.  They  arrived at Summit in a taxicab—which means they were dropped off very close to the door, a circumstance usually allowing us
very little time to make a connection before they sweep into the door.  This time, though,
instead of sweeping into the door, they immediately walked over to the corner of Forrer
and McNichols in order to have a last cigarette.  In and of itself, that was odd:  the area
near the front door is usually busy with clinic escorts, security guard, one or two sidewalk
counselors.  Most mothers, then, try to rush through that crowd as quickly as possible.  Erika, though, as she strolled to the corner, was in no hurry to go in, and Carlo followed.  We spoke then, there on the corner; yet  when they finished their cigarettes, they slowly moved to and through the door; yet ten minutes later, they were  back on the sidewalk  We spoke to them again, but they crossed the road and began to walk down McNichols.  Sometimes, when you see that there is conflict, it is better to back off than to press- in other words, you have to believe that you are not the only one fighting for that child, that
God is there too, and He needs to be heard.  Accordingly, we let them go.  After they had walked about two blocks, slowly, they turned around and came back towards the  clinic.  When they were again approaching the corner, Alicia said, Now, let’s meet them.”  We did – and thank God, we found that the struggle was over.  The four of us then continued to walk down McNichols, past the clinic, to a Coney Island restaurant two blocks the other way.  Over breakfast, we heard the story.  Of course, they were unmarried, and each had
his or her own children.  Erika, with her four boys, was trying to find her own place,  but with an outstanding DTE bill of almost  $900, she was unable to establish a new account for a new residence.  So, sitting there at the table in the Coney Island, the Guadalupe Workers did what only they do, they got out the phone and the credit card, and they paid the bill.  Erika and Carlo were amazed.  Erika is in her new apartment now.  She wants
us to help her prepare for the GED exam, which we have done for a couple of the mothers (we’re teachers – why not?).   That is one story of many from the winter.

If you would like to read and learn more about the beautiful work being done by the Guadalupe Workers, read http://www.guadalupeworkers.org/ or subscribe to their
Newsletters: http://www.guadalupeworkers.org/newsletters

Keep this wonderful group in your prayers, and if you can donate your time to volunteer to work with them, or to make a monetary contribution, you will be the one who is Blessed as much as the group and the women, men, and children who have been helped and saved from abortion.

Emmanuel Lughermo is not only a member of the Guadalupe Workers, he is also a member of our local Upper Downriver Right to Life group.  Listening to the stories, watching and seeing how much love and time he dedicates to his “cause” to save lives and to help people has touched my heart, and I’m sure has touched the hearts of anyone who knows him.  I just wanted to share one beautiful story and to pay my respects to him for bringing such inspiration to me. and to help to make this world a more beautiful place.







Hillary Clinton on Abortion: “The Unborn Person Doesn’t Have Constitutional Rights”

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