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Never underestimate the value of a pro-life investigator and researcher—in this case namely Lynn Mills—veteran pro-life activist. Due to her diligence in monitoring the Michigan abortion clinic online documents she discovered some months ago that indeed the Summit Medical Services abortion clinic was operating illegally due to the fact that its incorporation papers lacked a licensed physician required for any medical facility to operate in the state of Michigan. Whatever credit we can take at CPLS for the attorney general’s action, nothing would have been done without this discovery.

Approximately three months ago Lynn informed CPLS that Dr. Alex Pickens’ signature no longer appeared on the documents of incorporation and was concerned that the AG needed to act right away. In 2011 CPLS was involved in the shutdown of the two Women’s Choice clinics based on the very same improper incorporation documents and had worked closely with the AG’s office who took action against these abortion centers. I assured Lynn that I would right away bring her research to the attention of the AG’s office and get the ball rolling! CPLS frankly nagged the AG’s office for months, speaking to assistant attorney generals and was assured that the case was before the proper department, etc.etc. Per the AG’s policy no one would confirm details of any investigation, and would not affirm that such an investigation was in the works! I called many times to inquire on the status of the investigation—urging that there be no delay as such delay would result in Summit fixing the problem and thus literally become over-night a legitimate medical facility. I knew that if Summit found a doctor to sign those incorporation papers the chance to shut down the death mill would very possibly come to nothing.

Finally, on April 7th the Michigan Attorney General, Bill Schuette, took action. Because Summit operated knowingly in an illegal manner, basically trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the AG’s office, Schuette is not merely seeking a temporary shutdown until Summit fixes the problem—but is seeking that the Wayne County court dissolve the abortion clinic!

This clinic has been in business for decades! Indeed, your CPLS director, and her husband Edmund were arrested there in 1987 in a rescue, organized by Lynn Mills, during the We Will Stand Up Campaign—an initiative of pro-life rescues that took place when Saint Pope John Paul II visited America that year. Needless to say, stuck in jail, we did not see the Pope when he came to Detroit.

Named in the current complaint against Summit is its corporate owner a certain David Lipton, who lives in Connecticut, now in the medical marijuana business, who actually tried to pass himself off as an M. D., thus faking the incorporation papers. Also named is Summit clinic director Anise Burrell, well known to all side-walk counselors for her angry, crude demoralizing rants at their efforts to help women and save the unborn. Pray for her! Here is her photo—taken by Lynn Mills.

My husband Edmund Miller of Guadalupe Workers has been sidewalk counseling at Summit for years with many women turned away from abortion. This abortion center has seen its share of sub-standard medical practice—as women have suffered botched abortions at the hands of its abortionists: Reginald Sharpe, Antoinette Byrd Carr and Lewis Pickens—who face current civil suits. Please—pray that the Summit Medical Services abortion center will indeed be shut down!! Pray too for the conversion of its abortionists.

(An excerpt from the AG’s complaint is at end of this blitz.)

Here is the memo sent out from the AG’s Office:

Schuette Seeks to Shut Down Illegally Operating Detroit Abortion Clinic
Contact: Andrea Bitely 517-373-8060

April 7, 2016

LANSING – Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette today announced he is filing a lawsuit in Wayne County to shut down the Summit Women’s Center, an abortion clinic located at 15801 W. McNichols Rd. in Detroit, for illegally operating.

To protect the public, state law requires that medical and other professional services be provided through corporations owned by licensed professionals. Regarding the practice of medicine, this ensures that doctors direct care and supervise medical services. The law also mandates that the corporation is liable for negligence or misconduct in professional services it provides.

Summit Women’s Center provides medical services through Summit of Detroit, P.C., a professional corporation. But, in its May 2015 annual report to the state, Summit P.C. reported that David Lipton—not a licensed physician—was now Summit P.C.’s sole officer, director, and owner and that Summit P.C. had changed its corporate purpose to “management company,” which is not a lawful purpose for a professional corporation. The report also falsely certified that David Lipton was licensed to provide professional medical services.

The Attorney General is bringing this action to halt the clinic from providing medical care to patients at the Summit Women’s Center, to dissolve Summit P.C., and to investigate the possible fraudulent formation of Summit P.C.

Background on Summit Women’s Center

Following a complaint in 2014, the Attorney General inquired into an allegation that Summit Women’s Center was illegally providing medical services through Summit Women’s Center of Detroit, Inc. (Summit Inc.), which is not a professional corporation and hence not authorized to provide medical services. Summit Inc. responded, clarifying that medical services were provided through Summit P.C., a professional corporation incorporated in 2011 by licensed physician Alex Pickens, Jr., MD. Satisfied that Summit appeared to be providing medical services lawfully through a professional corporation, the Attorney General closed its complaint and asked Summit to clarify the provision of services on its website. Summit complied. But only a year later, in May 2015, Summit P.C. filed new paperwork with the state falsely certifying that David Lipton was a licensed professional and otherwise ignoring state law governing professional corporations. Ever since, Summit P.C. has been operating illegally, leading to the present complaint.

A civil lawsuit is merely an allegation and defendants are not liable until the Court enters a judgment in the case.

Excerpt from the Michigan AG’s Office Complaint —

BILL SCHUETTE, Attorney General
of the State of Michigan,
Case No. 16-_____________-AW
Honorable ___________________

DAVID LIPTON, in his capacity as Officer,
director and shareholder of Summit of Detroit, P.C. and
Summit Women’s Center of Detroit, Inc., and
ANISE BURRELL, Administrator of Summit of Detroit, P.C.
and Summit Women’s Center of Detroit, Inc.

18. In June 2015, about a year after the Attorney General closed the first
complaints, a new complaint was submitted to the Attorney General. This
complaint alleged that Summit P.C.’s ownership had changed and that it was no
longer owned by a licensed physician; hence Summit P.C. was providing medical
services in violation of Michigan’s laws for professional corporations.

19. A second complaint with similar allegations against Summit P.C. was
submitted to the Attorney General in December 2015.

20. The Attorney General’s review of Summit P.C.’s corporate filings with
LARA (Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Office of Michigan) has confirmed the complaints.
Exhibit E, Summit P.C.’s corporate filings
with LARA. From its incorporation in 2011 through its annual report of 2014,
Summit P.C.’s sole officer and director was Alex Pickens, Jr., MD, a licensed
physician; but on May 11, 2015, Defendant David Lipton filed the 2015 annual
report with LARA certifying that he was Summit P.C.’s president, secretary,
treasurer, director, and sole shareholder. Id. The form Summit P.C. filed with
LARA states: “The corporation certifies that each shareholder is a licensed person
in 1 or more of the professional services provided by the professional corporation
and the corporation meets the other requirements of chapter 2A. The names and
addresses of all shareholders are: David Lipton, 61 Unquowa Road, Fairfield CT
06824.” Id.

21. A search of LARA’s licensing records confirms that David Lipton of
Fairfield, Connecticut is not a licensed physician in Michigan. Exhibit F, Results
from LARA Verify a License or Registration. …

39. Dissolution under quo warranto is warranted here because Summit
P.C.’s continued operation as a professional corporation violates Michigan’s laws for
professional corporations.

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