10th Annual Building Bridges to a Culture of Life Prolife Youth Conference


Saturday April 9th ~ Mercy High School, Noon to 7:00pm ~ Concert 7-9:30pm


  • $20 – Includes dinner, concert and tee shirt
  • $15 Groups in advance ~ $10 Concert only

Planned for the youth by the youth the conference goal is to inspire and equip youth to be leaders for the Culture of Life, and to be instruments of God’s Mercy during this Jubilee Year of Mercy.

“Let us open our eyes and see the wounds of our brothers and sisters who are denied their dignity, and let us recognize that we are compelled to heed their cry for help.” – Pope Francis.

The conference features:

  • Dynamic and motivating keynote speakers
  • Breakout sessions on variety of LIFE topics
  • Personal testimonies of God’s unconditional love and mercy
  • Adoration and Confession throughout the day
  • Vigil Mass celebrated by Father Ryan Adams
  • Catered dinner and exhibits
  • DJ concert, dancing and refreshments

Don’t miss out! …Register today at:


“We hope to express to our peers the value and dignity of every human life …regardless of the circumstances of conception, age, gender or health, every person deserves to experience the enduring love of God”.

– Neal McCaffrey, Conference co-chair, Brother Rice Senior (Archdiocese of Detroit)


12:00 Registration & Visit Vendor Booths Adoration in chapel. Confession in lobby.
12:45 Opening Remarks with Student Co-Chairs Neal McCaffrey and Holly McGrath
Open the Eyes of my Heart Lord performed by Christopher Duffley
1:00-1:40 Keynote: Love Found Me Brice and Zoe Griffin
1:45-2:00 Keynote: ProLife—No Exceptions, No Compromise! Rebecca Kiessling
2:00-2:10 Trading my Sorrows Christopher Duffley
Choose 2 Breakout Sessions as presenters give us a 20 second highlight of their talk.
2:15-2:25 Visit Vendors and head to your 1st Breakout location.
2:25-3:00 Breakout Choice 1
1.  Patrick and Christina Jacobeen, Understanding the Church’s teaching on Same-Sex attraction: Looking at same sex attraction, the Church’s wisdom on marriage, and the call that we all have to Love.
2.  Brice and Zoe Griffin, Love Speaks Up: When your friends are pro-life warriors life is never dull. Mother and daughter Zoe,  share their adventures from Africa to Washington and ways to be a young pro-life witness.
3. Drama Rebecca Kiessling, Conceived in Rape, from Worthless to Priceless: Let Rebecca and her young children help put a face to those who Jesus would call the “least of these,” the so-called “hard cases” of rape, incest and special needs.
4. Beverly Dixon, Love on the Move: When a mobile ultrasound unit searches out Detroit women considering abortion no day is typical as God’s mercy, love and hope is extended.
5. Christine and Christopher Duffley, Saying Yes to God: Born prematurely, Christopher, now 14, through his musical talents, his joy for life, and his ‘yes’ in serving God, although blind, opens our eyes to Jesus.
6. Adam Trufant, Blue Jean Saints: issues an invitation to follow Pope Francis’ lead in living the joy of the Gospel in our beautiful and wild world!
7. Leyandria Murray, She Chose Life: Thank God her teen mom walked out of an abortion clinic and saved Leyandria’s life!  Support and resources for young, single mothers and their children is real women’s health care.
8. Christen Pollo and Panel, Apologetics in Action: How to Respond in Love: Learn how to talk about abortion effectively, lovingly, and in a way that is proven to change hearts. Discuss 3 of the most common pro-choice arguments.
9. Shane Dabney, Abortion and the Moral Act, Theology teacher gives criteria to understand moral acts applied to the concrete reality of abortion. Objections to pro-life arguments, ideas of personhood, free agency and sin will be examined. (High School)
10. Don DesNoyers, From Crisis to Hope, Chaplain at Common Ground raises awareness of mental health care. Remove the stigma that prevents us from asking for help. Information on suicide crisis text and chat lines—resources to hope. (High School)
11.Tracey Fish, What is Life? PA at Crossroads Pregnancy Center shows miracle and stages of pregnancy with data for the developing fetus through amazing pictures on the big screen. Help answer questions about when Life begins in the womb.
3:05-3:40 Breakout Choice 2 Confessions available. Adoration in chapel.
10 min. Vendor & Snack Break. Head to chastity presenters.
High School in Auditorium. Middle school in Drama Room.
3:50-4:40 Let God Plan your Love Story, Patrick and Christina Jacobeen —Auditorium
What Can I do when my Good isn’t good enough? Jeanne Marie Lampertius
Relationship: A Circle of Unconditional Love, Danielle Center and Adam Trufant (Middle school students — Drama Room)  On the joy of living life knowing our dignity and worth in Christ. You are fully loved and called to love!
4:45 Closing Remarks and Stretch
5:00 Praise and Worship led by Adam Trufant / Benediction — Auditorium
5:30 Sunday Vigil Mass
6:30 Dinner — Cafeteria
7:00-9:30 Live Band Veracity followed by DJ Dance (Epic Events)— Gym

Please bring a new baby item to share mercy and love with moms in need.

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