Guadalupe workers – Serving women with unplanned pregnancies in the Metro Detroit area.

(Excerpt from the Guadalupe Worker’s Newsletter)

“For example, there was Erika and Carlo.  They  arrived at Summit in a taxicab—which means they were dropped off very close to the door, a circumstance usually allowing us
very little time to make a connection before they sweep into the door.  This time, though,
instead of sweeping into the door, they immediately walked over to the corner of Forrer
and McNichols in order to have a last cigarette.  In and of itself, that was odd:  the area
near the front door is usually busy with clinic escorts, security guard, one or two sidewalk
counselors.  Most mothers, then, try to rush through that crowd as quickly as possible.  Erika, though, as she strolled to the corner, was in no hurry to go in, and Carlo followed.  We spoke then, there on the corner; yet  when they finished their cigarettes, they slowly moved to and through the door; yet ten minutes later, they were  back on the sidewalk  We spoke to them again, but they crossed the road and began to walk down McNichols.  Sometimes, when you see that there is conflict, it is better to back off than to press- in other words, you have to believe that you are not the only one fighting for that child, that
God is there too, and He needs to be heard.  Accordingly, we let them go.  After they had walked about two blocks, slowly, they turned around and came back towards the  clinic.  When they were again approaching the corner, Alicia said, Now, let’s meet them.”  We did – and thank God, we found that the struggle was over.  The four of us then continued to walk down McNichols, past the clinic, to a Coney Island restaurant two blocks the other way.  Over breakfast, we heard the story.  Of course, they were unmarried, and each had
his or her own children.  Erika, with her four boys, was trying to find her own place,  but with an outstanding DTE bill of almost  $900, she was unable to establish a new account for a new residence.  So, sitting there at the table in the Coney Island, the Guadalupe Workers did what only they do, they got out the phone and the credit card, and they paid the bill.  Erika and Carlo were amazed.  Erika is in her new apartment now.  She wants
us to help her prepare for the GED exam, which we have done for a couple of the mothers (we’re teachers – why not?).   That is one story of many from the winter.

If you would like to read and learn more about the beautiful work being done by the Guadalupe Workers, read or subscribe to their

Keep this wonderful group in your prayers, and if you can donate your time to volunteer to work with them, or to make a monetary contribution, you will be the one who is Blessed as much as the group and the women, men, and children who have been helped and saved from abortion.

Emmanuel Lughermo is not only a member of the Guadalupe Workers, he is also a member of our local Upper Downriver Right to Life group.  Listening to the stories, watching and seeing how much love and time he dedicates to his “cause” to save lives and to help people has touched my heart, and I’m sure has touched the hearts of anyone who knows him.  I just wanted to share one beautiful story and to pay my respects to him for bringing such inspiration to me. and to help to make this world a more beautiful place.







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