Stop the UN Global Abortion Tax



There is a huge problem brewing at the United Nations.

What if the United Nations raised a tax on global goods and services? And what if the United Nations used processed from those global taxes – paid for by you and me – to fund abortions and to push legalizing abortions in pro-life nations where unborn children are protect?

That what if is dangerously close to becoming a reality. And that’s why is partnering with our friends at CFAM to stop it.

Leading pro-life groups have been following the machinations connected to a global tax on financial transactions for many years. It is an idea that has been discussed and considered around the world and at the UN for a long time and it is among the most dangerous ideas imaginable for the unborn child and the family.

As CFAM has noted: The UN and its agencies raised hundreds of millions of dollars through voluntary contributions from Member States from private sources. Such funds come with strings attached, demands for accountability and transparency. Top UN officials and others would like for the UN to have its own money, its own revenue stream precisely so their budgets will not be beholden to democratic bodies to whom they must be accountable.

Enter the Tobin Tax, a tax on international financial transactions, that would become an independent revenue stream of billions of dollars for the UN.

UN bureaucrats say the revenue of a Tobin Tax would go to humanitarian causes. But already UN officials, including the Secretary General, say that abortion is a humanitarian issue. The head of the UN Human Rights Office recently said abortion must be made legal for medical reasons in the context of the Zika epidemic.

ACTION: LifeNews and CFAM need your help today to mount a signature campaign to stop the implementation of the UN Global Abortion Tax. Please sign the petition today!

This petition campaign is the very beginning of the fight against the Global Abortion Tax and we need your help today! You can sign the petition here. Over 14,000 people have already signed the petition and we need help today to sign and share it!

Once you’’ve signed the petition, please send it to your friends and family around the world. You can also help us reach more people with the petition by making a donation to here.

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