Twins Saved From Abortion Thanks to Guadalupe Workers Serving Women With Unplanned Pregnancies in the Metro Detroit Area

(Excerpts from Bev Dixon, via e-mails, the director of ICU (image clear ultrasound) the mobile ultra sound RV.)  READ THIS INSPIRATIONAL STORY!

Decision to keep babies

I am seeking prayers for one of our moms. Alexis was one of our first moms, she was living out of her car and found out that she is carrying twins on our mobile ultra sound RV. Her boyfriend was pushing hard for her to abort these two precious baby girls. She is post abortive X2, which put her at greater risk to have another and also for other problems that happen to the body because of the trauma of abortion. She is now 30 weeks pregnant and has started having contractions and her cervix is softening. She is on heavy bed rest at this time. She has nothing ready for the babies and has recently had her car stolen…the one she lived out of for months. We do have her signed up with a wonderful MIHP that is trying to get her in home care.

Please pray that she can give these babies a few more weeks of development and growth. She does not have much in the way of close family or anyone to help her once the babies come home. I have made myself available to be there at the hospital when the babies are born so that she does not have to be there alone. (This is a common act that members of the group do, they will stay with the new mother’s through their labor.)

FYI – Guadalupe Workers (formerly Guadalupe partners), Little Tots and Moms MIHP, Emmanuel (one of our drivers) have all come together to help affirm this moms choice for life. We cannot give up now. We know prayer works!!

Precious twin baby girls born!

I am so happy to announce the birth of these two precious baby girls born on Jan.16, 2016. They came a month early but this momma has been in and out of the hospital over the last 6 weeks or so trying to keep them in up to this point. Amazing thing is that even though they are this teeny they will be going home tomorrow!

This was our first set of twins on ICU Mobile Detroit and the fact that these babies were almost a statistic makes this so amazing to us. God is so good!

When the young woman chose life she was living out of her car, her boyfriend was pushing her to have an abortion, and she was so afraid. One of the first things I asked her when she chose life was whether or not she could trust us, she said she thought she could. This is where trust comes in!

We were able to connect her with one of our local groups – Guadalupe Partners (Now Guadalupe Workers) who helped her get into an apartment, the MIHP Maternal Health and Infant Program that has helped her with nurse and social workers, our very own volunteer driver, Emmanuel, has been there to help her out with car needs. Heather donated some household items when she moved into her apartment, as did some families from my church, Marion, Genevieve and I took a crib (donated by the Wygant family), food, diapers and some baby clothes to her recently.

Right now Emmanuel is helping us to find car seats so these babies can get home. I firmly believe that we have all been the hands and feet of Jesus to this mom just as we are to all of them. I know she will have many struggles being a single mom of three, so I do ask for your continued prayers for her. She is strong and does have plans to go to college and I am sure she will do it. We are changing our communities one mom – one(or two) baby(ies) at a time. This is why we GO! We GO to Serve Women-Save Lives-Share Jesus.

One of our other workers said, “Also, I have a friend who is a mother of twins, and a cousin with triplets who could possibly mentor her…if she would be open, maybe they could call her once a week or so to see how she’s doing? Beaumont Parenting Program has a similar outreach…I bet either of them would be open to this..”

I also have a praise – Before Thanksgiving we had a couple who had driven from Canada to Summit (abortion mill) in Detroit to have an abortion. They are both from S. Korea and not citizens of Canada. With the help of Guadalupe Workers and the Holy Spirit they chose life. Our conversation with them was quite lengthy (it was definitely the Holy Spirit working there). The woman is Christian but when I asked the young man if he knew who Jesus was he said no. So we shared the Gospel with him and he engaged in back and forth conversation at that time.

We connected them with a Pregnancy Resource Center in the town they are living and I have been in contact with that center they did go for follow-up. They are still planning to carry this baby, they are coming back to see us on the bus, and the young man said that the way everything happened and with the conversation on the mobile he said he believes that God exists. He was not quite atheist but close when we spoke to him. So we will expand on that conversation next week. I plan to send him home with a bible!! Please pray for this couple as well. Since they are not Canadian citizens they cannot get insurance, and unlike here in the States they cannot just show up at the hospital in labor and have the baby and the government will pay for it. Canada wants a huge deposit.

I will give updates. We will be parking at Women’s Center on 8 Mile tomorrow. Pray for the women who will be drawn to the mobile and that they will feel safe and be open to our conversation. That they will see their baby on our U/S monitor and choose life.

Guadalupe workers – Serving women with unplanned pregnancies in the Metro Detroit area. PLEASE CALL US AT (734) 262-6779.

“Guadalupe Workers offers diverse support for mothers with unplanned pregnancies. She may be feeling unsupported, unprepared, and uncertain, but our purpose is to help her overcome any obstacles to embracing life. We will listen to you and work with you in order to see how we can best help you, your family, and your unborn baby.” Please watch the video below to see the work that is done by the Guadalupe Workers, to help women avoid abortion.

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