Winner of Annual High School Oratory Contest – 2016

The Oratory Contest was sponsored by the Central Wayne County Right to Life, Dearborn Area Right to Life, Southern Downriver Right to Life and the Upper Downriver Right to Life.

Coordinator/Moderator was Pamela Munro, with judges William Bloomfield, Bob Bovitz, Micki Bovitz and tally judge, Lynn Munroe.

All of the participants are an example and inspiration for everyone, each giving their presentation on the subject of abortion. This year’s winner was 1st place: Maria Tizedes (Senior), 2nd place: Joseph Hornbeck (Junior), and 3rd place: Sarah Hornbeck (Freshman).

Downriver Affiliates Prizes – 1st Place $125 – 2nd Place $75 – 3rd Place $50

State Prizes – $500 – $300 – $200

National Prizes – $1,000 – $750 – $500 – $250

All of the participants will be recognized at our local UDRTL – Focus on Life dinner at Orlando Familia Banquet Center, Riverview, Mi, on October 25, 2016.

The contest is open to ALL PRO-LIFE MICHIGAN HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS so if you have a child in high school or is home schooled, please encourage them to participate next year. Various topics are:

1. Abortion

2. Euthanasia

3. Infanticide

4. Embryonic Stem Cell Research/Human Cloning

Our first place winner used the song by feminist, Helen Reddy, “I am Woman” to point out the theme can give strength and encouragement to women who are pregnant, as they have “choices” too.  While emphasizing the word “Choice”,  I found it quite interesting that one of the lines of that particular song is, “But I’m still an embryo with a long, long way to go….”  Odd choice for pro-choice people to use as a theme song.

We thank all of the participants for your thoughtful preparation, presentation, and dedication to promote respect for human life from the moment of conception to natural death.

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