Girl Scouts: “We Partner With Planned Parenthood Organizations”


Girl Scouts of USA’s former CEO, Kathy Cloninger, can be seen  in the following video espousing her proud claim that Girl Scouts partners with Planned Parenthood.  As much as she, the current CEO, Anna Maria Chavez, and others deny the claim, one only has to do their own homework to see that nothing has changed when it comes to their indoctrinating our young girls.

Since Planned Parenthood is quoted as saying “young people understand that they are entitled to sexual pleasure and how to experience different forms of sexual pleasure is important for their health and well-being”,  they provide graphic instruction in their various publications and websites on multiple ways youth can obtain sexual pleasure. Planned Parenthood teaches promiscuity to children, grooming future birth control and abortion clients.  Planned Parenthood sex-education has that has distributed “educational” material, considered by many groups to be pornographic, to kids as young as 10 years old.

According to Life News, “Curiously, there are no pro-life groups recommended by the Girl Scouts curriculum for girls. However, Girl Scout curriculum does recommend many abortion rights advocacy organizations and resources like:

    • – Girl Scouts tell girls to check out which advocates for abortion and contains other concerning content.
    • – Girl Scouts promotes this resource which refers girls to Planned Parenthood for contraception and to the Guttmacher Institute for a guide to minor’s abortion rights
    • – Girl Scout directs girls to, which lists hundreds of paid and volunteer jobs at Planned Parenthood, to learn more about being an advocate.
    • ACLU – Girl Scouts encourages girls to consider several advocacy careers including as an ACLU lawyer.
    • Amnesty International and Population Council – Girl Scouts recommends girls research these pro-abortion organizations on the internet.”


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