One of the Smallest Surviving Babies in the World Has Been Born, Meet 10 Ounce E’layah Faith |

Second-trimester and late-term abortions are legal in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and other nations around the world. So when a very premature bab

Source: One of the Smallest Surviving Babies in the World Has Been Born, Meet 10 Ounce E’layah Faith |

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday


Sanctity of Human Life Sunday
We mourn 43 Years of Legalized Abortion

Please bring your family. March with us and pray at this memorial service in memory of more than 57 million babies aborted in the U.S. since the Roe v. Wade decision of the Supreme Court on January 22, 1973.

“We mourn the babies killed by abortion.”

Wyandotte: Sunday, January 24, 2016

1:00 p.m. – March for Life (walk or drive)
from Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church (10th & Superior)
to Cemetery at Northline and 9th St.

1:30 p.m. – Prayer Service (indoors)
at: Mt. Carmel Cemetery led by Deacon Luis Flores
with Choir from St. Patrick Church, St. Vincent Pallotti Parish
at the K of C Memorial Monument for the Unborn (indoors)

2:30 – 3:30 p.m. – Open House
Right to Life Education Office
2010 Eureka, Wyandotte (734) 282-6100

Holy Hours to end Abortion:
Thursday, January 21at 7 pm: St. Frances Cabrini, Allen Park
Friday, January 22 at 7 pm: St. Sebastian, Dearborn Heights
Pro-Life “Signature Ad” for Roe v. Wade anniversary January 22, 2016

I join with RLM Downriver affiliates to express my support for legal protection for unborn children in an ad in the News Herald and Dearborn Press and Guide.

Name to appear in ad (may be individuals, family, business, school, club, church, etc.): ___________________________________________________________________
Address (will not be printed, for verification only):
______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________
Phone: ________________________ e-mail: _________________________________________
Signature (required) _____________________________________________________________
Contributions to Upper Downriver Right to Life are not tax deductible.

Yes, Right to Life affiliates may use my name in their upcoming pro-life ads.
No, I prefer not to have my name in the advertisement, but will support it financially.

Donation enclosed (suggested $10-15) $ _________ payable to Right to Life

Mail to: RLM Signature Ad, 2010 Eureka, Wyandotte, MI 48192 Deadline: January 15, 2016

734-282-6100 or donate at Please copy, post, and share


The Formative Power of Music

Heart  to Heart  Apostolate

 and Christ the King Church Co-Op

 invites you to join us

 Thursday, January 14, 2016

 Cindy Brown

The Formative Power of Music:

The Connection between Music, your Virtues…and your Sins

St. Augustine once famously said, “He who sings prays twice.”  These words seem easy to swallow when we think of liturgical music or songs of Praise and Worship, but what about the rest of your life, or of the world around you?  What about those songs that play in the background–in your car, the local store, your children’s iPod?  What about these many popular songs which can implant so easily in our minds, and flow so easily from our lips?  How mindful are we of these songs, and more importantly, of these lyrics?

Can music actually make you more virtuous…or more sinful?  These, and many other questions, will be answered at Cindy Brown’s talk on the philosophy of music and the role of music in the Christian life.  This talk is important for everyone, but it is especially necessary for anyone who has children or works with children.  Do not underestimate the powerful influence of music in your life.  Come find out why!

Cindy Brown is the daughter of Steve Ray, author, international speaker, and the creator of the Footprints of God documentary video series.  She got her masters in philosophy from the Franciscan University of Steubenville, as well as a degree in theology with Scott Hahn as her thesis director.  Cindy has finished all her Ph.D. work except for the dissertation from the Catholic University of America, at which point God made it clear that it was time to focus on her family.  Having been homeschooled all the way through high school, Cindy is now homeschooling her own 5 children and teaching high school philosophy courses for the Christ the King homeschool.

Change in format of the meeting in January.

We will meet in the Barn next to Christ the King Catholic Church located at 4000 Ave Maria Drive,  Ann Arbor,  MI 48105  at Domino’s Farms

Format of Meeting

 No Mass at 6:30 pm

Meeting Starts at 7:30 pm

Meeting will take place in the Barn

E-mail   or call (734) 930-7497

National Right to Life activities for prolife youth!

Dear Friends,

I am sharing with you three (3) events young prolife folks can get involved in, each  is sponsored by National Right to Life and  is a unique opportunity to reach hundreds of prolife youth and give them a means to articulate and channel their prolife  passions.  Please share with a prolife student(s) you may know, your local prolife  youth group, etc.

National Right to Life Academy – The National Right to Life Academy is a unique, fully acredited, five-week academic summer program for college students who are eager to put their prolife passion to work.  Next years session begins at the 46th annual Right to Life Convention, and lasts from July 7 – August 12, 2016.  For more information please visit:

National Right to Life Video Contest – Use your talents to give a voice to the voiceless.  It’s fun, it’s easy.  And it makes a difference!  The rules are simple:  be 15 to 25 years old, films must be 30 sec to 3 min long, and the deadline is June 15, 2016  The winner receives free registration to the National Right to Life Convention and tickets to the annual Prayer Breakfast and Closing Banquet.  The top 3 finalists also get free entry into the LifeFest Film Festival in Hollywood California.  For full rules and to submit please visit:

The National Right to Life Prolife Essay Contest and The Jane B. Thompson National Oratory Contest – These contest are nationwide events sponsored by the National Right to Life Educational Fund and implemented through NRL’s state affiliates.  Each is a unique opportunity to reach hundreds of prolife  youth and give them a means to articulate and channel their passons.  For more information on the Essay Contest please visit:     For more information on the Oratory Contest, please visit:

For additional information regarding the 2016 National Right to Life Convention to be held July 7, 8, 9, 2016 in Washington, DC  please visit:

Christmas blessings to each of you!

Chris MacDonald
Office Manager
Wayne County/Downriver
Educational Resource Center
2010 Eureka
Wyandotte, MI 48192

House Will Send Bill De-Funding Planned Parenthood to Obama in January, Sets Veto Override Vote |

The House of Representatives announced plans today for January votes to confirm the changes the Senate made to the reconciliation bill that would de-fund the Pl

Source: House Will Send Bill De-Funding Planned Parenthood to Obama in January, Sets Veto Override Vote |

If a Fetus is Just a ‘Clump of Cells’ Explain These Unborn Babies Getting Surgery in the Womb |

The Daily Signal has an in-depth article today on doctors’ controversial efforts to perform successful surgeries on babies.  Of course, no one would ever find

Source: If a Fetus is Just a ‘Clump of Cells’ Explain These Unborn Babies Getting Surgery in the Womb |

Stand in Defense of Life and Liberty


Dear Friend,

I know this is one of the most hectic seasons of the year, but I am writing because I know you are never too busy to take a stand in defense of life and liberty. Even if you have recently sent a message, please urge Congress again to protect conscience rights for pro-life health care providers. Click here.

Congress has to pass funding for the 2016 Fiscal Year very soon. So our time to advocate for protections is limited. The Abortion Non-Discrimination Act (ANDA) will close loopholes in existing law and provide a private right of action, so that health care providers, whose freedom of conscience is denied, can defend their rights in court. It is now part of the House of Representatives’ appropriations bill for funding HHS. The policy of ANDA has long had bi-partisan support and ANDA’s enactment will simply mean that existing law will be made stronger and easier to use in defense of conscience rights.

Please urge your members of Congress to make sure ANDA is enacted into law as part of the 2016 Fiscal Year funding legislation. Government must not force Americans to violate their religious and moral beliefs about respect for life when they provide health services.

Today, please

Take action and then share this call to action:

Repost the alert across your social media platforms
Follow us on Twitter @NCHLA then repost our tweets using #StandWithCathy
Personalize your message. It will stand out if you add a phrase or sentence to personalize your email, i.e. As a medical professional; As a woman and a physician/nurse; As a patient who relies on a pro-life medical provider…

Remember, more detailed information is available on our website, Also, you can learn more about the real people and services whose freedoms have been denied by going to the Conscience page of the USCCB.

We must speak up now to protect our cherished right of conscience. Thank you for acting in defense of life and liberty. Tell everyone you know to join us in raising our voices. Together we will be heard!

Amy McInerny