A Few Facts that Michigan and Other Pro-Lifers Know and Planned Parenthood Wish We Didn’t

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  • The pro-life movement begin in Michigan in 1967.
  • The Right to Life of Michigan Media Campaign on the realities of abortion began in 1981.
  • In 2008 Right to Life of Michigan joined other partners to oppose Proposition 2, a constitutional amendment to allow for the destruction of human embryos for stem cell research. The group was called MICause.
  • Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton were handed down in 1973.
  • The Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton decision addressing abortion allows abortion through all nine months of pregnancy.
  • As a result of the Roe decision, a right to abortion was effectively established for the entire term of pregnancy for personal finances, social convenience and individual lifestyle.
  • The “Safe Delivery” for newborns allows a parent to surrender a newborn baby up to 72 hours old to certain emergency service providers, confidentially.
  • The 1978 Embryo and Fetal Research Laws prohibits using a live embryo or fetus for research purposes, prohibits performing an abortion with the intent to use the fetus for research purposes, and prohibits experimentation or investigation not designed to improve the health of the research subject.
  • The best place to learn about pending pro-life legislation in Michigan is http://www.RTL.org.
  • In 2011, 1.06 million abortions were performed in the United States.
  • The majority of abortions are performed on women in the age group of 20 – 24.
  • In 2012 black women obtained 48% of abortions in Michigan.
  • 50% of abortions in Michigan in 2012 were performed on women who had at least one previous abortion.
  • 89% of women who have never married accounted for abortions in Michigan in 2012.
  • The majority of abortions take place in the first trimester.
  • Over the past decade, abortions have been slowly decreasing.
  • Studies have shown that sex-selection abortions among certain populations in the United States have unnatural ratios of boys to girls if their first child is a girl or their first two children are girls.
  • Approximately 21 days after fertilization an unborn child’s heart begins to beat.
  • The word “fetus” means “Young One” in Latin.
  • A pregnant mom begins to feel her child move at around 20 weeks.
  • Brain waves of an unborn child can be detected around 6 weeks after conception.
  • At nine weeks, fingerprints are evident and will never change.
  • Unborn children can begin to feel pain as early as 20 weeks.
  • The baby’s bones are finished forming in the 29th week of pregnancy.
  • A suction curettage is an abortion where the fetus is sucked out of the womb and dismembered during the first trimester of pregnancy.
  • Complications of Dilation and Evacuation abortion (D & E) can include profuse bleeding and infection, and perforation of the uterus, bladder, and bowels.
  • Long-term health complications of abortion include ectopic pregnancies, possible future miscarriages, and breast cancer.
  • The chemical abortion RU-486 is most commonly used during the first 49 days of pregnancy.  It is not 100% safe, and does not always work.
  • The “Born Alive Infant Protection Act” was passed in Michigan in 2002 in an attempt to provide doctors with guidelines on how to treat infants who survive late-term abortion attempts.
  • National attention was brought in 1982 for withholding treatment from disabled infants.
  • 1% or less of abortions are performed for reasons of rape/incest.
  • The reason most woman have abortions is due to financial and/or familial concerns.
  • Science tells us that the life of a human begins at fertilization.
  • According to the Centers for Disease Control, non-hispanic white woman have the lowest number of abortions.
  • Women who had abortions were more likely than women who gave birth to die from suicide, homicide or accidents within the following year.
  • Margaret Sanger was the founder of Planned Parenthood, but Cecile Richards if the current president.  Read about Margaret Sanger on this site and then ask yourself why Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton were so excited about winning the Margaret Sanger Award.
  • Planned Parenthood clinics perform approximately 330,000 abortions per year.
  • Planned Parenthood receives approximately half a billion dollars per year from the government.
  • In the fiscal year 2012-2013, Planned Parenthood made a profit (income in excess of expenditures) of $58.2 million dollars. (This is suppose to be a “non-profit” organization.)
  • Planned Parenthood performs 149 abortions for every adoption referral they provide.
  • In the 2012 election, Planned Parenthood’s SuperPac spent $5 million dollars.
  • 70% of the SuperPac money was spent attacking Mitt Romney.
  • When former Planned Parenthood Director, Abby Johnson, spoke at the Legislative Day in 2010, she was told by her supervisor they wanted more abortions and the same amount of non-abortion services.
  • The reason Planned Parenthood wants to use teleconferencing to provide RU-486 chemical abortions to women who don’t live near abortion clinics is because it’s cost effective for them.
  • A condition called PAS is a form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) that may occur after having an abortion.
  • Some of the most common symptoms of PAS are drug and/or alcohol abuse, trouble bonding with other children, and low self-esteem.
  • One of the most helpful resources to someone who has been negatively affected by an abortion is the “Post-abortion” page on http://www.rtl.org.
  • “Healthy Kids” is a free health care program for pregnant women, babies, and children.
  • The light is being turned on by the recent videos and comments of Planned Parenthood’s real agenda.
  • You can help save babies lives by becoming involved in your local pro-life group, volunteer at a Crisis Pregnancy Center, get involved with the 40 Days for Life, and all the other events that the pro-life groups are active in.  Call, e-mail, or fax your representatives – make your voice heard!

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