Forensic Analysis of Videos Exposing Planned Parenthood Finds “No Evidence of Manipulation”

A new forensic analysis of the 10 videos the Center for Medical Progress released exposing the Planned Parenthood abortion business apparently illegally selling

Source: Forensic Analysis of Videos Exposing Planned Parenthood Finds “No Evidence of Manipulation”

6 thoughts on “Forensic Analysis of Videos Exposing Planned Parenthood Finds “No Evidence of Manipulation”

  1. If that’s their conclusion, they either weren’t trying very hard, or they are being dishonest. I saw at least two shots of fetuses on tables that I know for a fact were from stock footage, because I had seen them previously more than once in class films during my training as a medical imaging tech. That IS manipulation, pretending the footage is from one source when it’s from another.

    I’m not saying PP might not ALSO be motivated to play around with the truth on what constitutes profit, but these CMP guys are definitely liars. It doesn’t advance the argument on either side to cheat.


    1. On this I truly have to agree with you because I think most people who care (no matter what side they are on) just want to know the truth, without any lies or manipulation. I can’t comment on the stock footage because that is out of my league, but even the President of PP admitted despite their saying they do mammograms, they really don’t. In the 10 videos that came out, they may have been shortened, but in the full versions, the things said were not doctored and to me there is no doubt about PP selling the body parts, which is illegal and inhumane from my point of view.

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    2. The problem I have with what you posted Mikey is we are left with the same so called “evidense.” You saying you saw them as a med tech isn’t proof. I am a retired nurse and I haven’t participated in an abortioon however I would imagine that dead fetuses look like dead fetuses – kind of similiar on similar dishes and counters….Just a thought. On another note, in my opinion and the bit of experience I have in the medical field I do not see where the doctors statements are unclear about what they are doing. Their terms, etc are all very well know. I would like to hear from each PP docs, techs, etc again and see what they say.

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      1. I didn’t see a need to go into unpleasant specifics, Gail, but one of the clips was a 16 week-old fetus that was alive, but dying from suffocation. As you know, we have no technology to sustain one so young. Over this originally silent footage, unseen techs or doctors are heard discussing specifics of the procedures that will be followed to harvest organs.

        This was the “kicking baby” Carly Fiorina referred to erroneously in the GOP debate. It had been the result of miscarriage during a problem pregnancy. So the CMP edited picture shot years previously over sound from the PP clinic, to make it look like they were heartlessly discussing tissue donation while viewing a dying “baby”. That’s an obvious attempt to deceptively persuade non-medical viewers, and it’s one of the reasons they are back in court over it now. By the way, the word is spelled “evidence”.


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