Don’t Be an Ostrich and Bury Your Head in the Sand!


(Excerpts from Right to Life of Michigan)

“The ostrich has gotten a bad rap….It all started when Gaius Plinius Secundus, a naturalist and Roman scholar started a myth still in existence today… that an ostrich buries its head in the sand to avoid responsibility.  Quite the contrary.  Male ostriches will dig a sizable hold in which to hide newly-laid eggs.  During the incubation period, both the male and female ostrich will visit the hole, taking turns to carefully rotate the eggs with their beak…this, of course, is a task that requires them to lower their head into the nest, which from a distance looks like they have buried their head in the sand…this is how the myth was born.  As a fact of nature it’s false, but as a metaphor it’s very powerful.

We are making tremendous strides forward, not only here in Michigan but across the country.  There is every indication we are winning and we will ultimately prevail in the debate over legalized abortion, but we can never become complacent.  We can never let down our guard.  We can never comfort ourselves with the thought that we are making great headway – TO DO SO WOULD BE THE EQUIVALENT OF “BURYING OUR HEAD IN THE SAND.”

Look at the headlines from just the past several weeks to see how badly we are needed:

  • Craigslist ad claims to sell unborn baby for money or drugs:  “Six months pregnant, don’t want it!”
  • Police arrest man who raped 14 year old, forced her to abort and burned her stillborn baby on a grill.
  • “Filthy” abortion clinic “treats patients like cattle,” according the patient reviews.
  • After her abortion at five months, a woman saw her baby in a bucket on the floor and he was moving.
  • Shocking photo shows newborn baby abandoned in filthy trash can.
  • Babies are surviving late-term abortions and left to die struggling to breathe for hours.
  • Woman only gets 12 years in prison for killing her five newborn babies.
  • Peter Singer:  “If a house were on fire, I’d save 200 pigs before saving one human child.” (Singer is a former professor at Princeton University.)
  • Abortionist describes her joy at pulling 23 week old unborn babies apart “piece by piece.”
  • Abortionist:  “I did 21 abortions today and I have absolutely no regrets.”
  • Three day old baby girl saved from being eaten by ants after she was abandons.

If we think, even for a moment, that tragedies just like these are rare, we are have our heads in the sand.

To learn more about what Right to Life of Michigan is doing, visit their website at  We have to enlist the aid of our fellow citizens who are still standing on the sidelines.  To be more precise – the have their heads buried in the sand.  They have not yet responded to abortion as the defining issue of our day.  The message is simple…Look around!  Fifty-five million children have lost their lives.  The sanctity of human life is under constant assault.

By all means, we need to thank God for His provision and celebrate His victories in our midst, but at the same time, we must remain vigilant.  Truth be known, we should stop spreading nasty rumors about the ostrich.  Instead we should model their behavior where both mother and father carefully and lovingly tend to their young.”

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