Contributors to Planned Parenthood, update

Please understand, the lists that are compiled are NOT exhaustive. Also consider this: boycotting is good; however being a good witness in spite of it (writing letters, emails, phone calls) is a greater example of getting their attention (thanks to Frank R. for the nudge to update).

I’ve written on this subject many times and I keep coming to the same conclusion: In one way or another, corporations and companies give a lot of money to non-profits and Planned Parenthood is a non-profit! Taxpaying Americans tend to forget that. PP takes our tax money and pays for minor girls (without a parent’s knowledge) and women’s birth control and abortions all over the country, not just in big cities.

And be encouraged! AT&T stopped funding PP and recently so has Kohl’s, Mrs. Fields, Enterprise car rental, Forbes Publishing, ING financial, Toys R Us, Red Lion Hotels, Franchise Services, Rolex watch company, Kenneth…

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